Decisions Decisions – The Outnet

Why is it when you have money to spend on an outfit you can a. never find anything and b. never make a decision?

This is my current dilemma, albeit a nice one to be in. I have £100 to spend on The Outnet and I am completely torn.

Do I go for a really cute dress from Michael Kors which is a classic LBD with a twist or should I go for something a bit more jazzy and different from By Malene Birger?

MICHAEL Michael KorsEmbellished cotton-blend mini dress                         

Or do I go completely different and go for separates?

The Outnet has some absolutely gorgeous pieces and I basically want 90% of everything but, my money tree seems to have stopped growing!

I love this skirt from Missoni  and this Stella McCartney halter is beautiful oh the decisions.

If you had £100 to spend on an outfit what would you go for?


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