Hand Luggage Essentials

travel quite a bit and have managed to get my hand luggage essentials down to a
few key things. I usually use a black Michael Kors hobo when travelling but for
my trip to Stockholm on Thursday I will be using my trusty Eastpak backpack. Despite
its size I will try and keep the contents to a minimum.

Eastpak backpack

going to be an activity filled trip including ice skating so I’m going to need
this backpack to carry and extra set of clothes – just in case I fall in.

still on the lookout for a really great document wallet because there always
seems to be so many bits of paper needed when travelling. I’ve found this
really great
on the Birchbox website which I’ve just ordered, it’s a fab colour too.

Eastpak backpack ipad beats by dre

hand luggage essentials include:

  1. ·       
    Passport – for obvious reasons
  2. ·       
    E-tickets – again same as above
  3. ·       
    Purse including currency of where I’m going
  4. ·       
  5. ·       
    iPhone charger
  6. ·       
  7. ·       
    New book – As much as I like having books on my iPad you can’t
    beat the feel of an actual book. I’ve been sent ‘The Sudden Departure of the
    Frasers’ which I can’t wait to get stuck in
  8. ·       
    Beats by Dre headphones – when I’m on a flight I like to be able
    to cancel out the noise around me and these headphones are really good for this
  9. ·       
    Hand cream – I really like the Soap and Glory brand and find the
    formula really hydrating on my skin
  10. ·       
    Lip balm – I’m currently using Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue and I’m
    obsessed with this. It’s so hydrating and is perfect to sort out my dry lips

it, those are my top ten hand baggage necessities, I’m sure given free rein to
have as much carry on as I’d like then the list would increase dramatically. I’m
not the most lightweight of packers!

What do you always pack in your carry on when travelling? 


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