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I am a self confessed shoe lover so shopping for the perfect wedding shoes are currently higher up on my list than shopping for the actual dress. I know you’re all thinking that I can’t get the shoes without the dress. But, I’m planning on breaking away from the norm and the expected when it comes to my wedding shoes.

Sophia Webster Coco Crystal Ice
Coco Crystal Ice, Sophia Webster

I’ve decided that although the traditional wedding shoes are nice I want something I can rock again and again after the wedding rather than stash them away in their box.

I’ve completely fallen in love with all of the shoes Sophia Webster designs. Sophia Webster is a London based shoe designer who exploded onto the scene in 2013. Since then, she has created some incredible shoes. These are just a few from her wedding range which launched on 14 Feb 2015.

Ellen Wifey for Lifey, Sophia Webster
Ellen Wifey for Lifey

JoJo Fur Ivory, Sophia Webster
JoJo Fur Ivory, Sophia Webster 

Lola Gem Ivory, Sophia Webster
Lola Gem Ivory, Sophia Webster

Lacey Bridal Heavenly, Sophia Webster
Lacey Bridal Heavenly, Sophia Webster

I think i’m in love with all of these shoes but the ones which have caught my eye on her website are these, although I know none of these are typical wedding shoes!

Amanda Heart Platform

Evageline, Sophia Webster

Flamingo T-Bar, Sophia Webster
Flamingo T-Bar

Rousseau Jungle, Sophia Webster
Rousseau Jungle

As you can tell the wedding shoes I finally pick are going to be far from traditional.

Have you chosen your wedding shoes yet? Did you go traditional or break away from the expected?

Check out the rest of the collection at

*Photo credit – Sophia Webster


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