Blend Active Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I’ve been on a bit of a mission to get in shape and drop a few pounds and I always thought I was being quite healthy by having granola for breakfast – well that was until I read the actual label on the packet and found it to be high in sugar content.

Since that day about two months ago i’ve been making homemade smoothies for breakfast every morning using my trusty Blend Active.

Blend Active Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I wanted to share my failsafe breakfast smoothie recipe which keeps me going until lunch time.

200ml water – I tend to use water as a base so it’s not too thick
4 tablespoonds of jumbo oats
200ml low fat greek yogurt/Aplro Soya etc
1/4 packet of frozen mixed berries/smoothie mix
A generous squeeze of honey/maple syrup

I chuck everything in the Blend Active bottle and then blitz it altogether.

Berry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I have to leave my house at the crack to catch the train to work so tend to take my smoothie with me and have it al desko – I find this way I don’t then want a second breakfast by 9am! 

Berry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

I’d love to hear your recipe suggestions so I can try them out.


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