I love gin – five alternatives to the G&T

I’m partial to a G&T but only with slim line tonic and fresh lime, never lemon.  I don’t know why but I just don’t like a boring lemon in a G&T!

But I’ve scoured the interweb to bring you five fab alternatives to the humble G&T

1.  White currant & Cucumber Gin ice lollies

White currant & Cucumber Gin popsicles

As the Great British summer is meant to be upon us, why not make these fabulous ice lollies to impress your mates at the first bbq of the summer? Recipe can be found here

2. Sister Ray Cocktail

Impress your guests by infusioning your own gin with chamomile. Check out the how to here

3. Bombay Sapphire Bramble

Now, the bramble is a classic gin cocktail but why not make it extra special and use Bombay Sapphire? Recipe here 

4. Blood orange gin and tonic

There’s something a bit magical about the blood orange that makes it seem more sophisticated (well to me anyway) Here’s your chance to really show off with your G&T skills

5. My classic G&T

Classic G&T

When it comes down to it there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice cold G&T. I like to use Plymouth Gin (purely because I did a tour of the distillery) with lots of freshly squeezed lime, ice and slimline tonic – to me perfection in a glass,

Let me know if you have any fab gin recipes to share – i’d love to try them!


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