Touring Miami on a Segway – not as easy as you think

Cruising down Ocean Drive isn’t quite as glamorous as you think when you’re wobbling precariously on a Segway trying desperately not to a. fall off and b. hit any parked cars – especially the very expensive looking ones! But, I was in Miami so I trying to style it out as best as I could.

I was on an Art Deco tour of Miami with Bike and Roll learning about the history of the area and the plans for the future.

Riding a Segway feels really unnatural because I wanted to do everything with my hands but it’s all about body balance and core strength – gripping on for dear life with white knuckles doesn’t help! So after a couple of practice gos outside the Bike and Roll shop we were off and heading towards Biscayne Bay.

My selfie skills could do with some work!

We passed some great spots in South Beach including the famous Versace Mansion, which is now a boutique hotel with rooms costing in the thousands. But, you do get to swim in the famous 24 carat gold swimming pool! Lincoln Road Mall, is a great shopping and people watching spot, the road is completely closed off to traffic and many of the big names brands have stores here.

My favourite part of the tour was cruising down Ocean Drive (despite the wobbling) passing all the iconic hotels and hotspots including the Colony and the News Cafe.

I’ve decide that the Segway is my new favourite way to explore a city and would quite like one for getting to work in London.


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