A Little Taste of Mexico at Wahaca

Saturday night I went to Wahaca for the first time and indulged in delicious Mexican food and cocktails. I even had room for two desserts but, more on that later.

Tacos and Tostadas 

Wahaca is the brainchild of chef Tomasina Miers who made her name in the UK on the hit cookery show which gets everyone’s mouth watering – Masterchef. Having run bars and restaurants in Mexico she bought her culinary experience of the cuisine to the UK to create the popular Wahaca menu.

Mr B and I opted for the street food menu and decided to indulge in a number of small plates, I went for the quesadillas with chipotle chicken and new to the menu pea and mint empanadas. Both dishes had a fairly reasonable kick to them but were delicious.

Pea and Mint Empanada

So happy with my choices 

Mr B less than happy having to pose

Having scoffed the small plates i’d already had my eye on two desserts which for me is quite unusual as i’m not normally a ‘sweet’ person. I’d always opt for a starter over a dessert any day. But, these two caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. The waiter was a little surprised when I claimed both desserts as my own.

I couldn’t go to Wahaca – the home of Mexican food in the UK and not have the Churros. If you’ve not tried these before I urge you to immediately. These tasty Mexican doughnuts come with a rice chocolate sauce and are quite simply incredible.  My second dessert was the salted caramel ice cream with savings of original Beans chocolate, again these was delicious.



Both dishes were incredibly indulgent but, I did share with Mr B and our friends so I didn’t scoff the lot to myself!

Wahaca is a great place for date night or with a group of friends. Five of us dined together and it only cost £22 each including drinks and desserts.


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