Barbados Holiday Skin Saviours

If I hadn’t already mentioned, I’ve just returned from
Barbados and wanted to share with you some of my skin saviours I found myself
relying on whilst on the island.

Benefit Skin Saviours

Now I know the pictures aren’t the best because I was
shooting into the sun, but just look at the background it was too pretty not to

July’s Birchbag
was the perfect addition to my holiday handbag, not only is it super stylish
but it’s also waterproof and the ideal size to fit everything I needed
including my phone. Another addition to my holiday handbag was the Sophia
Webster designed purse again another beauty from Birchbox!

Benefit Skin Saviours

Whilst away I relied on the following four products to keep
my face in tip top condition: Benefit 

Dream Screen sun protection, Benefit It’s
Potent eye cream, Benefit Triple Performing facial emulsion and balance me
congested skin serum. For me this was the right combination of products to keep
my skin blemish free. I’m often prone to breakouts but found these stop this.

Did you know that you should apply eye cream as often as you
apply lip balm? It’s one of the most sensitive areas on your face and we should
really look after it.

Benefit Skin Saviours

I’m naturally a sun baby and love the heat and have in the
past like most people been a bit 

irresponsible with sunscreen and sunblocks
but now I’ve made it to 30 I’m making a conscious effort to really look after
my skin. I found the Dream Screen to be the perfect sun protection as it has a
really silky formula and doesn’t end up being all sticky and shiny!  

If anyone has found a really good sun protection which doesn’t
leave you all shiny please let me know, it’s my biggest bug bare feeling sticky
and shiny when worshipping the sun! 

Benefit Skin Saviours



  1. Carrie Richmond
    16/08/2015 / 9:14 am

    I know what you say about shooting into the sun but I like the photograph because of the background. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that break all the rules!

    I am currently working my way through the 30plusblog links.


    • Kylie Jenkins
      19/08/2015 / 9:20 am

      Thanks Carrie, I love to try and break the photography rules although sometimes it doesn't always go to plan 🙂

      I love 30plusblog link ups, it's such a great way to discover new blogs

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