Benefit Beauty Hits for October

At Stylist Live I spent some time on the Benefit Cosmetics
stand learning about their new product Air Patrol and also some classic

Aside from having my eyebrows waxed I do nothing with them,
purely because I’ve also been a bit scared to for the fear of ending up with an
extreme Scouse Brow! Being blonde makes my brows really fair and a little bit
thin in places. The lovely Benefit ladies suggested Benefit Gimme Brow in light/medium
and showed me how to apply it in the most natural looking way. The small wand
makes for easy application without it being too over the top.

I was also showed the new air patrol product which I have
seen lots of press about but didn’t entirely know what it was for or how to
actually use it. It the simplest terms it’s an eyelid primer which gives a good
solid base for your eye products such as eyeshadow/liner etc giving the product
extra longevity and stronger colour.

One of the things I noticed the most with Air Patrol was the
rubbery flexible tip which makes application so much easier! It’s also SPF 20
to protect your eyelids from sun damage. I have to say my eyelids are not an
area I ever think about to protect from the sun, which seems a bit daft
considering it’s the thinnest skin on your body and probably the most
susceptible to sun damage.

Whilst hanging out on the stand I also asked about the POREfessional: license to blot, I have a sample of this which came with a Birchbox one month but again
I haven’t been entirely sure what to do with it. So I learnt License to Blot is
basically a modern day version of the blotting paper. Do you remember those
blotting sheets? I remember them from my schools days when we all wore the
slightly wrong foundation and worried about being shiny!  

I came away from the stand with Air Patrol and Gimme Brow in
my hands and a fabulous new Benefit umbrella which I’m sure will come in handy
especially with winter fast approaching! 


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