Cocktails to impress with this Christmas

There are so many things I love about
Christmas but cocktails and hosting along with present buying are at the very
top of my list. I like to try and go all Nigella and cook up a storm in the
kitchen before hitting the drinks cabinet and producing some bar worthy

House of Peroni
Image credit – House of Peroni

I’m planning on dusting off my
cocktail shaker this Christmas to impress my friends and family this year. I
know how the night with proceed – the cocktails at the beginning will be lovingly
made with care and attention those towards the end of the night will most
likely be pure alcohol because the only mixer left in the house is orange
squash – admit it we’ve all been there! 

I’ve been speaking to the lovely Simone
Caporale who has created the cocktails for The House of Peroni Residency, and
shared two of the recipes with me. 

I use the weather at this time of year
as the perfect excuse to consume as much mulled wine and cider as possible –
purely for its warming effects of course! So this ‘Winter Garden’ cocktail
gives a citrus twist on the traditional mulled wine.


50ml Peroni Nastro Azzurro

40ml Brandy

20ml Falernum (golden rum liquor)

15ml Lemon Juice

40ml Apple Juice

5ml Sugar

Instructions: Place all ingredients in a pan and mix well, before heating gently
(don’t let it boil!) until warm to taste. For added flavour and garnish,
include diced apples and pears.

House of Peroni
Peroni Winter Garden

For something a little stronger and slightly manlier
than the usual cocktails I love, the ‘Old Fashioned’ is a really good winter

The Capotavola (in Italian it means head of
the table) adds a slightly different twist to the traditional Old Fashioned.
This is more of an ‘end of the meal’ cocktail as it’s quite strong and not one
which can be drunk like fruit juice!


40ml Peroni Nastro

50ml Bourbon

5ml Sugar syrup

2 dashes of angostura

Instructions: Bourbon, sugar syrup and angostura bitters stirred on ice within a
shaker.  Pour over ice, top with cold
Peroni Nastro Azzurro and
garnish with a single cherry

House of Peroni
Peroni Caoitavola

Let me know your favourite Christmas tipples
and cocktails – I’m always looking for new suggestions to try out on my guests. 


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