My hopes and goals for 2016

I honestly can’t believe we are at the end of 2015 already,
(I know it’s so annoying when people say this but honestly it’s true) it only
feels like yesterday that I was turning 30, sunning myself on a Cuban beach
sipping rum and getting engaged (woop woop). But, that was a whole 13 months
ago and we’re about to wave goodbye and toast 2015 with copious amounts of
‘Lady Stella’. (To everyone else, Prosecco!)

Cuba 2014

Just after we got engaged (this is not my actual engagement ring, a family heirloom)

With 2016 only hours away I’ve been thinking about what I want
to achieve (well, try and achieve) and I’ve come up with a mixture of life
related things and some blog related.

1.       Get Fit

As always the top of my life list is get fit and healthy, I
say this every single year but, 2016 will be different because I have a
deadline – I’m getting married in June so from 1 January to mid-March I’ve
booked 10 weeks personal training to achieve my ideal body shape for my wedding
dress. Now I’m not saying I am giving up chocolate, Prosecco and crisps forever
more and become a clean eating advocate, because I know I could never stick to
it. I have the willpower of a horse resisting a polo but I do feel differently
about reaching my goal and I’m feeling energised about it. I will be blogging
my progress, but don’t worry it won’t be all the time, just every now and then.

Nike NTC
Nike NTC training with Ellie Goulding

2.       Learn a skill

I love crafts and Etsy is my new found all time love and I
really like the idea of being creative and actually having a skill. I’ve been
looking at short courses at the London College of Fashion and love the sound of
the leather courses. They have some great bag and accessory making courses, so I’m
going to peruse those a little more before taking the plunge. The dream would
be having my own Etsy shop selling gorgeous handmade accessories – so watch this

3.       Improve my photography

I love photography and as they say ‘a picture paints 1000
words’ well I want the pictures on my blog to shout ‘hey, come and have a
closer look.’ I work full time and travel a lot (which is no excuse) but I don’t
spend as much time photographing subjects as I should and in 2016 this will
change. I’m going to work harder at making my pictures look gorgeous and

4.       Attend blogger events

This year I’ve discovered there’s a fantastic blogging
community which is hugely supportive and I want to embrace this and get
involved much more. In 2015 there were some great blogging events which I wish I
had attended but, I always felt like my blog wasn’t good enough to be there. But,
in 2016 I plan to attend as many events as I can and am invited to, this will
not only give me some great things to write about, but also give me the
opportunity to meet some fabulous other bloggers.

5.       Make time

This year I found myself busy being busy and missing out on
things because I was trying to cram too much in and not taking the time to
enjoy what I was doing in the moment. Next year I plan to make more time for my
fabulous friends, the hobbies and sports that I love and seeing more. By seeing
more, I mean making time to go to that exhibition or see the play or go to the
pop up cocktail shop without thinking ‘oh I’ll do it another time’ and then
missing out altogether. I truly believe the saying ‘we’re here for a good time,
not a long time’ and I’m really going to embrace this in 2016. So watch out fun
stuff, here I come!

Squad goals

So that’s it (well for now) the things I want to achieve and
do in 2016, do you have anything you’re planning to make happen? 



  1. 07/01/2016 / 12:33 pm

    I hope I get to see you at some blogging events – have only just discovered your blog! 🙂

    • Kylie Jenkins
      07/01/2016 / 1:05 pm

      Ahh me too, i'm aiming to get to as many events as I can this year 🙂

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