Love is in the air

When it comes to Valentine’s Day me and the boyf are a bit
rubbish, neither of us go in for the lovey dovey smooshy stuff and boyf is a
‘practical’ present buyer which, if I’m honest, can be slightly annoying. So
I’ve pulled together my top Valentine’s gifts for those who want to mark the
day in some way but not be too smooshy!

Here’s us being none smooshy in Wales

1.       Gillette
Fusion ProGlide

Now, I know that a razor isn’t an obvious Valentine’s gift
but, if you’re buying for a ‘practical’ kind of guy this would be perfect. This
is a brand new concept from Gillette with the flexball technology, which is
meant to make shaving much easier and leave them with skin like a baby’s bum.
Available from Boots
for £15

Gillette ProGilde

2.       Flowers
from Bloom and Wild

I love receiving flowers and they never fail to make me
smile. Bloom and Wild are a fabulous
subscription service delivering beautifully packaged flowers through your
letter box each month. I’ve used them many times in the past and they make
fantastic presents. For Valentine’s Day they have two red rose bouquets from
£28. But, why not give the gift that keeps on giving and buy a three month
subscription service from just £50.

Bloom and Wild Roses

3.       Heart

A gift for the house and one you can both share, heart mugs
from the Graduate Collection
designed by Zoe Betts. They are guaranteed to brighten up any tea time. £35 for
the set of four

Heart Mugs

4.       anCnoc’s
12 year old whiskey

Whiskey is quite an acquired taste but I think it’s a bit
like olives and coffee – one you develop as you mature (read: get older!).
anCnoc is the perfect ‘first timer’ whiskey, it has distinct signature flavours
of honey and lemon and is easy on the taste buds. It’s available online from £34

anCnoc whiskey

5.       Lush
– sex bomb bath bomb

It’s no secret that I love Lush bath bombs and I recently
found the Valentine’s Day Sex
which is only £3.50 and is such beautiful colours. Once dissolved it
turns the bath water a vivid sparkly pink and leaves behind a rice paper

lush bath bomb

6.       Big
Spoon, Little Spoon Pillow Cases

I love, it’s one of my favourite
places to find unique and unusual gifts for people. Whilst browsing through
their Valentine’s selection I found these super cute Big
Spoon, Little Spoon
pillowcases. The perfect ‘house’ Valentine’s gift for
only £25

big spoon pillowcase

So there you have it, my top six Valentine’s Day gifts. Are
you sending any this year or waiting for the postman to grown under the weight
of his postbag on the day??

*Contains PR samples but all views are my own 


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