My first trip to NYC

Until this week I had never been to New York City much to the surprise of a lot of people. When I mentioned I’d not been, it was met with gasps of ‘omg everyone has been to New York’ well my friends not me, until now! It’s true, I should have visited this amazing city sooner! 

The reason for my whirlwind visit was for work meetings, one of which I’m off to now. 

We’re staying at a hotel on Times Square, which although busy is perfectly located and central meaning we can walk everywhere. I totally advise getting out and walking especially first thing in the morning when it’s slightly quieter. This morning, we left the hotel at 6.30am (yuck) and walked to the station, it was fab to see Times Square without all the hustle and bustle and take in all the fabulous advertising (I’m a sucker for advertising) 

This was totally my favourite – can’t think why 😉.

I’m off upstate to Albany today for another meeting. We jumped on the Amtrak from Penn Station (right by the Macy’s flagship store, which I’ll tell you more about in another post) and off we went. It’s only 2.5hrs by train and the journey was fab. I mean who doesn’t love free wifi which is fast enough to stream Netflix?!

Omg the scenery from  train is so impressive.  

I’ve got 6 hours in the city on Saturday to whizz round a sightsee as much as I can and fit in some serious shopping time too! Wish me luck! 

One things for certain, I’ll be going back to NYC as soon as I can! 


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