Top 5 ways to take some much needed me time

Life tends to be a million miles an hour at the moment and I think it’s so important to take some time each day to sit back and take stock of everything. This year for me, is a particularly busy year, I’m getting married in June, on a mission to be dress ready and travelling more with work, and recently I’m found myself being a little overwhelmed with everything that’s going on.

The launch of Yankee Candle’s new ‘My Serenity’ collection got me thinking about ways I like to take time for myself and calm my cluttered mind.

Yankee Candle

Here are my favourite ways I like to get some much
needed ‘me’ time:

Taking a long walk
I’m really lucky to live by the River Crouch in Essex and I
find it really calming to stroll along the seawall and watch the boats bobbing
around. I think it’s really important to get outside in the fresh air,
especially if you’ve been cooped up in an office, stuck on a commuter train or
just generally doing jobs at home and not stepping out the front door. It’s
amazing what 15 minutes in the fresh air can do for your state of mind. I love
just drifting along without a specific purpose or place to be, it’s much more
relaxing without rushing to be somewhere.

Burnham on Crouch

Sink into a bath filled with my favourite
Lush bath bomb

I don’t think there’s anything more relaxing than sinking
into a hot bath filled with your favourite products. My current favourite is
the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, it’s so pretty and fills the bath with a mix of
lavender oil for relaxation, mood brightening Neroli oil and the floral scent
of Ylang Ylang. Plus it turns the water pink – what could be better?!
Apparently the Neroli oil increases the serotonin levels in our brains which
makes us feel happy and content. All this for just £4.25!

Lush unicorn bubble bar

 Indulge in some adult colouring
Adult colouring books burst onto our scenes in the last year
and were positioned as a great way to unwind and relax. I was a little
sceptical at first but came across the Enchanted Woodland meditative art
therapy book by Poppy Appleby in Waitrose whilst doing my weekly shop. It was
only £5.99 and I thought ‘why not’ I’d read some great things online about
adult colouring books and how they are great for clearing the mind and focusing
– I mean, no one wants to go outside the lines now do they?!

Adult Colouring

Curl up with a good book with a Yankee
Candle burning

I’ve always been a bit of a bookworm and try to ready as
much as possible. I love crime novels and also smooshy romance or chick-lit
with predictable endings. You know the ones girl meets boy falls in love, they
break up and then reunite – you catch my drift. Curling up in a quiet corner
with a book, an actual book and not an e-reader/iPad with scented candle
burning in the background is a great way to unwind. I’m currently trying out
the new ‘My
’ collection and can’t decide out of the four scents which is my
favourite? The collection includes; Peony, a gorgeous floral scent, Lemongrass
& Ginger which has a zingy lemony scent, My Serenity, which has overtones
of citrus although I still can’t quite place it and then Moonlight which to me
smells like fresh cotton sheets.
My current favourite is the Lemongrass & Ginger but, I’m
sure this will change.
Check out the full collection on the website

Yankee Candle

Book a pamper treatment
I think the ultimate indulgence into ‘me’ time is booking a
pamper treatment, whether it’s a trip to the hairdressers, a beauty treatment
or a full blown spa day, I find it a great way to give myself the little pick
me up I need. Because I’m getting married in June I’m growing my hair long to
make that all important up do easier, but, it does mean it needs a bit more
looking after so a regular trip to see my hairdresser is always on the cards.
I’ve recently been and I’ve gone all out and had a pink toner applied to my
blonde hair. ‘Pink Hair, Don’t Care.’ I love sitting in the hairdressers and
watching the world go by and listening to light-hearted conversations which
don’t need too much investment. By this I mean, chatting about things like
weekend plans and where I recently bought some great bath towels.

Pink Hair

So that’s it, my top five ways I like to indulge in that all
important me time. How do you like to relax and escape the stresses and strains
of everyday life?

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