Honeymoon planning – epic Australian road-trip

It’s just over three months until Mr B and I get married
(eeeeeek) and most of the actual wedding planning has been done. Well I say
most, we’ve still got to choose hymns and sort the table plan and orders of
service. Aside from that we are sorted. So now we’ve moved onto honeymoon

Road Sign, SA
Credit: Tourism Australia
Photographer: Nick Rains

We’ve decided on an epic Australian road-trip and have work
our annual leave out so that we can essentially take a month off and only use
three weeks’ worth of leave. How have we manged it? We are going over Christmas
and New Year and taking advantage of the bank holidays. I know this is an
expensive time of year to travel across the world but, it’s the only time we’re
able to really maximise our holiday.

The first thing we’ve done is book the flights, it was a bit
of a waiting game because we had to wait for our return dates to be available.
Flight seats are only released 11 months in advance so it was a bit of a
waiting game and then because of the cost a lot of jiggery pokery! I found by
moving our dates forward by just four days we saved over £300 on each flight! Which
is a huge amount of money and probably the cost of some of our accommodation
whilst in Australia.  We’ve booked with
Qatar Airways stopping over in Doha, not only were they the cheapest airline
but they also flew the quickest route with the shortest stopover times.

Australian Flag, Bondi, NSW
Credit: Tourism Australia
Photographer: Ellenor Argyropoulos

We’ve also planned out where we’re planning to be and on
what dates. We’ve got Christmas covered as we’ll be in Melbourne celebrating
with my BFF. On our road trip we’re planning to start in Sydney and then visit
Melbourne, Brisbane, Fraser Island, Surfer’s Paradise and Bryon Bay.

NSW; North Coast; Towns; Byron Ba
Credit: Tourism Australia 
Photographer: Jeff Drewitz

I’ve been busily reserving hotel rooms in each of these
places to make sure we have somewhere to stay. I’m sure the reservations we
have will be cancelled and changed several times before we travel but I’m keen
to have things set up. I do like a bit of pre-trip planning!

Beyond booking flights and accommodation we haven’t decided
what else we want to do whilst we’re ‘in the land down under.’ We want to see
and do as much as possible but also still have a relaxing time. I’m not sure
how we’re going to achieve this yet but, I’m sure there’s a way to have the
best of both worlds.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydne
Credit: Karen Gallagher
Photographer: Karen Gallagher

I’d love to hear any suggestions of things we have to do,
restaurants and bars we have to check out and places we have to see. 


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