Hand Luggage Beauty Essentials

When travelling with only hand luggage I find the beauty and
toiletry side a little bit stressful purely because I normally travel with so
many products. I’ve really had to plan properly for my trip to Ibiza to make
sure I’ve got some great multi-functional products along with some top

hand luggage beauty essentials


I’ve got this gorgeous clear bag from Sephora which I bought
on my last trip to New York. It’s great because it already has three empty
tubes which I can decant my shampoo and conditioner into. And because it’s
clear it should go through the security checks no problem!

Sephora Travel Beautifully Case

I have a feeling Ibiza won’t be the most relaxing of breaks
and I know my skin will need a little extra help so I’m planning on taking a
couple of sheet facemasks with me to help rejuvenate my sun soaked skin.

So what else am I planning on taking?

Solar Defence Booster
– £38.90

A strong SPF is an absolute must and I will be taking this
to protect me. It contains Green Tea and Grape Seed extracts along with
antioxidant vitamins C and E which is improves the skins smoothness and
provides defence against anti-aging. (Which I definitely need especially after
being asked if I was the mother of two 16 year olds!!). It’s 50ml so the
perfect size for hand luggage.

Dermalogica products

ProClinical Pocket-Pro Toothbrush
– £69.99

This nifty little electric toothbrush is so slim line and
compact is barely takes up any room in my case at all. It sits in its own USB
charging case which means less adapters and chargers for me to take! Can you
believe it delivers 25,500 strokes per minute and has a handy two minute timer
ensuring my teeth are in sparkling condition when I’ve finished. It’s exclusively
available at Boots and it’s currently on sale for just £43.32!

Colgate ProClinical Pocket Pro Toothbrush

Travel size
Tangle Teezer
– £12.25

I love my original Tangle Teezer and having used it for so
long I can’t imagine using another hairbrush again. I’ve recently bought the
compact styler with a really cute animal print design on the back. It’s the
perfect handbag size and it also has a bristle protector to stop it picking up
dust and fluff which is usually lurking in the bottom of my bag. I’ll be taking
this one with me to Ibiza to save a little extra space.

Astral one pot
– £1.29 for the 50ml pot

Astral is the original moisturiser, for over 60 years they
have been taking care of our moisturising needs which is why I’m taking it with
me to Ibiza. After being out in the sunshine and in and out of a pool or the
sea my skin can feel a little parched but Astral’s intensely moisturising formula
replenishes my skin with the exact moisture it needs. Plus I can literally use
it for everything, rather than having lots of different creams taking up extra

Astral one pot cream

lip balm
– £2.49

I have so many lip balms that I’ve lost count but I always
like to have a brand new one whenever I go away. My lips really dry out in the
sun so I need something extra moisturising but not too heavy to revitalise
them. The new Happy Lips Strawberry from Blistex does just that as it contains
vitamin E to soften and condition and it tastes like strawberries, what’s not
to love?

Travel Pack
– £8.90

I love sheet masks! They are my favourite of all facemasks,
not only do they make you look like a bit of a ghost when you use them but they
are also incredibly moisturising. The Timeless Travel Pack is a three in one
sheet mask set with an oil based make up remover, a water based deep cleanser
and a hydra-soothing moisturising mask. It is designed to hydrate, freshen and
brighten skin which has been dulled due to the effects of travelling. But, I shall
be using mine to combat the effects of too much Ibizan partying!


special cleansing gel
– £28

I’m going to be using quite a lot of sun cream on my face
while I’m in Ibiza, I’m quite conscious about burning especially as our wedding
is two weeks later and I don’t want to walk down the aisle glowing like a
beacon! But I do find sun cream can be quite heavy on my skin and pores which
is why I’m taking the Dermalogica special cleansing gel with me. Its soap free
so won’t dry my skin out but is strong enough to get rid of any impurities and
excess oil. Hopefully I will come back from Ibiza with a healthy glow rather
than the classic ‘Brit abroad burn’.

Hand luggage beauty essentials

So that’s it, well apart from my make-up, everything I’ll be
taking in my hand luggage. Do you have any beauty essentials you simply can’t
leave home without?

*contains PR


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