Sun Awareness Week – top tips to stay safe in the sunshine

Today marks the beginning of Sun Awareness Week which is particularly good timing considering the gorgeous weather we enjoyed this past weekend. I know that the minute the sun comes out I cannot wait to bask in it like a sunbathing seal! But, sun damage is more and more at the front of my mind now, especially as the UV rays seem so much stronger and I am clocking on a bit.

New York Sunshine

So what is Sun Awareness Week I hear you ask?

Sun Awareness Week runs from 9 – 15th May and is a campaign run by the British Association of Dermatologists to raise awareness of wearing adequate sun protection. The results from this years survey are pretty shocking. Even though skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, eight out of ten people still don’t apply sun protection before going out into the sunshine. 

Sun Awareness Week is sponsored by La Roche-Posay who have just launched a new innovation to help us measure our UV exposure whilst basking in the sunshine. They have unveiled the My UV Patch which is the first ever stretchable skin sensor designed to monitor UV exposure and let you know when it’s time to top up on the suncream. Check out their website now and sign up to the waiting list to receive yours! 

My top tips for staying safe in the sunshine: (I am in no way an expert, this is just my opinion!) 

  • The most obvious one – wear a high factor suncream and make sure you reapply regularly. If I know i’m going to be hanging out near water I will always go for a water resistant one. My current favourite is Ambre Solaire Clear Protect I find it feels much lighter on my skin than a heavy cream.  Personally I don’t think anything lower than SPF 30 actually protects your skin properly

  • Sport a fabulous hat to keep the sun off of your face. There are so many gorgeous hats available at the moment. My personal favourite is this ‘I’m Busy’ oversized straw floppy hat from ASOS and it’s only £18

Image 3 of ASOS Oversized Straw Floppy Hat With I'm Busy

  • Keep hydrated! Drink plenty of water, there is nothing worse than feeling dehydrated and lethargic in the sunshine
  • During the heat of the day take some time out in the shade. I don’t know about you but, I really love the sunshine but it is important to take some time in the shade especially during the hottest part of the day! 
  • Protect your eyes – I have a love affair with RayBans and am usually found with a pair of aviators attached to my face, no one likes a squinter 😉 

Rayban Aviators

Just to help you a bit more with the sun protection the lovely folks over at Hawaiian Tropic have launched The Application ABC highlighting how much sun cream you should be wearing. Did you know that you should divide your body into 11 applications zones! 

If you’re looking for a new sun protection which smells fabulous why not try the brand new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Air Soft, SPF30. The air whipped formula is softer than silk and feels as if it’s barely on whilst giving 12 hours of moisturisation.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Air Soft

What are your top tips for staying safe in the sunshine? 


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