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I’ve been chatting to the lovely team over at Cheap Holidays Tenerife and they asked me what my essential holiday buys were, so I thought I’d give you a little run down of how I get ready for my holiday.

Ibiza Town View From A Boat


I love holiday shopping and in my mind I make everything ‘essential’, purely to justify the money I’m spending! If I really took a good look in my wardrobe I reckon I’ve probably got enough clothes to last me an entire month and that’s without wearing the same thing twice!

But even though I have a wardrobe and dressing table full to bursting with clothes, accessories and make-up I just cannot resist stocking up before I go. I will always buy new bathroom essentials like shampoo, shower gel etc. even if I already have full ones at home. (This is the perfect time for an eye roll emoji!) I just can’t help myself in Boots and always end up with extras like sea salt spray, leave in conditioner – basically anything that shouts summer!

Ooo then it’s a new swimwear despite already owning about 12 different bikinis and swimsuits I still always need want something a little different for each holiday. My current go to places for swimwear at the moment
is New Look and Victoria’s Secret both have styles which really seem to fit my shape.  I’m loving this ‘Beach Squad’ black swimsuit from New Look at the moment and it’s only £17.99!

New Look Beach Squad Swimsuit
Image source: New Look


Now, I love the clothes and accessories in both Mango and Zara but if I’m heading off to Spain or the Canary Islands like Tenerife I will always wait until I’m there before splashing out. They are both Spanish brands and always tend to be cheaper there than they do at home, plus I always find there is more choice and exclusives that you can’t find at home. I picked up this super cute clutch bag for just 9 Euros last time I was in Spain and I haven’t seen it in a UK store! Even with the current exchange rate that’s a massive bargain.

Mango Accressories


Mango Accessories


Mango Catus Accessories

I also always wait until I’m holiday to stock up on cute jewellery. You can guarantee that there will always been a little local market selling really unique and inexpensive pieces. I like to try and find really pretty but
unusual  things which I know no one else will have.

What are your pre-holiday essential buys? Is there anything you will always hold off buying until you’re away?

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