Travel: Tips on keeping your home safe whilst on holiday

I travel a lot
with my job and I do worry about leaving my house especially as we’ve spent
such a long time renovating and really making it into a home. The thought of
someone breaking in uninvited really sends shivers down my spine!


I’ve been chatting
to the guys over at Chill Insurance and I’ve come up with 8 top tips of keeping
your home safe whilst on your travels.

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Ok, so
this is an obvious one but, don’t have your home address attached to any social
networks you use. As I said, totally obvious but it’s a prime thief targeting tool
if you have your address available anywhere online. Even if you have the
highest security settings on your channels those little sneaksters will still
find out!

if you’re looking for a speedy departure to kick start your holiday don’t be
tempted to leave luggage in your car overnight. Leave it by the front door so
it’s ready to go instead of risking it in your car.

your favourite neighbour know you’ll be away so they can keep a watchful eye
over your house and keep a lookout for anything suspicious. We have a cat,
Nigel and during our last holiday our neighbour came in to feed and look after

sure your home insurance is fully up to date and covers everything you need. It’s
worth looking to see if your insurance covers things like freezer loss (say
there’s a power cut and your freezer defrosts and you lose everything) and
water damage – in case of a burst pipe. I know these are worst case scenarios
but it’s better to be covered than not. ChillInsurance compare loads of difference insurers to make sure you get the
best quote.

any expensive items like laptops and cameras out of sight so no one walking
past could be tempted. This is the same if you leave a car on your drive, leave
nothing in it on show

sure all electricals are turned off and unplugged. We always turn off literally
everything we can such as the oven, TV’s, wine fridge (oh yes we have one!) and
smaller things like hairdryers and any phone chargers. This not only saves on
the electric but also cuts out any fire risks if there are any power surges or power

If you
have a garden, make sure any gates, sheds, garages, conservatories or log
cabins are securely locked and all expensive items like bikes are hidden out of

your curtains or blinds open, nothing says empty house like closed blinds
during the day!

Let me know if you
have any top tips which I’ve missed, I’d love to hear what you do to keep your
home safe. 

*sponsored post but all thoughts are my own


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