Beauty: Moschino Fresh Couture Perfume

I’ve already mentioned that I can’t go through an airport without buying anything and since I only ever buy perfume in duty free, I thought I’d share with you my latest purchase.

Moschino Frest Couture Perfume

There’s a little bit of a back story to this purchase – not a long one I promise!

I received a sample of Fresh in a monthly subscription box and fell in love with the scent, literally straight away. It is very light and citrusy and you already know I love anything citrus.

I first spied the full size bottle when I was travelling through Stansted Airport to Ibiza and literally swooned! I mean is it even possible to swoon at a perfume bottle? But I was on a pre-wedding spending ban and had to put all of my will power into action to resist!

The bottle is designed to look like a window cleaning product shaped like a pump spray. My only disappointment it that the spray lid is only for decoration and doesn’t actually spray the perfume!

Back at the airport again, Gatwick this time and my spending ban willpower gets left at the check in desk meaning Moschino Fresh is now mine! Hurrah! It cost £62.50 for the 100ml bottle which I thought was fairly reasonable for perfume.

Have you ever been drawn in my the bottle before the actual scent?


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