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When I was younger I used to think that swimsuits were either for swimmers in training or the older lady. I’ve since changed my mind completely especially as I’ve reached my, gasp, early 30s! Last year my lovely friend Becky from English Mum had a really gorgeous Eat, Sleep, Tan Repeat suit from New Look the shape and fit are amazing – I of course bought it, especially as it was only £19.99!

Image result for new look eat sleep tan repeat

I wore it recently in Barbados and had so many lovely comments from people on the beach, which really gave me a nice confidence boost. As i’ve got older i’m finally at a stage where i’m at the most comfortable i’ve been with my body and my shape. I’ve also realised that most women will all have those same niggling thoughts that I have when they put a swimsuit/bikini on so we’re all in the same boat or hammock!

I’ve been lookingonline at BooHoo recently, it’s not a brand I normally shop from but they have such a fabulous selection of swimsuits I thought I’d share my wishlist with you and the best bit – they are all around 20 quid!


My absolute favourite out of the list below is the black with the strategically placed palm trees. I love the simple
shape with super low back.

Do you have a go-to swimwear style which you always feel super confident rocking on the beach?

How many swimsuits is too many to take on a month long Australian holiday?

Asking for a friend!


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