Fashion: Jumpsuits, not just for tall people

I am short, there I’ve said it! I’m on the lower side of 5ft3 and quite often there are clothes that I can only dream of wearing, namely fully length jumpsuits. I love the look of them so versatile and chic.

Never Fully Dress Jodie Jumpsuit

  I’ve tried many a jumpsuit on in the past and always thought I looked like a kid playing dressing
up until now! At Stylist Live (again) I came across the brand ‘NeverFully Dressed’ as I was wandering around the stands.

I was so drawn in by the jumpsuit the lady on the stand was wearing I knew I had to have it. She looked absolutely gorgeous, so I was hoping some of that effect would rub off on me. The Jodie Jumpsuit comes in six different colours including black, red wine, khaki and petrol blue and it’s such a great bargain only £59! I’m going to invest in a couple of other colours!

In a rather undignified manner I tried it on over my jeans because I was sans changing room and had to improvise. First thing I noticed even with jeans on that it fitted really well and didn’t make me look like a kid dressing up in any way! Hurrah!

The other great thing about the Jodie jumpsuit is the legs can be rolled up to suit your height! Double hurrah! No more trailing on the floor for me.

I recently wore it to a black tie dinner and attempted to take some selfies in the hotel mirror
(disclaimer, I am not a good selfie taker!)

Never Fully Dress Jodie Jumpsuit


Never Fully Dress Jodie Jumpsuit
Obligatory lift selfie

 What are your thoughts on jumpsuits? Love them? Hate them?



  1. 25/11/2016 / 12:13 pm

    LOVE this! Think I might need one too as have had same issue with being ‘too short’ for the typical ones on the highstreet!

    • delphineblublog
      25/11/2016 / 12:19 pm

      OMG you should! Such great quality and fits so so nicely. I’m currently trying to decide which other colour I need!

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