Travel: Where to stay in London, Citizen M, Shoreditch

I live in Essex, which is literally an hour on the train from London, so when it comes to staying ‘up town’ (that’s what we call it in Essex) I sometimes begrudge it. But I recently had a Saturday night work event which meant I had to stay.

Citizen M Hotel
How cute is this welcome!

I did the classic thing of looking at and swooning over places like the Savoy and the W but obviously these require a little more dollar than I have!

What I did want is somewhere a little bit cool and quirky but didn’t break the bank, which is why I was drawn to the Citizen M Hotels. I’ve spent some time at the Bankside property for another work event and thought the style and design was so cool. Each of the hotels have a really unique vibe with lots of cool art on the walls and little touches in the room.

Citizen M Hotel
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?!

I opted for the Shoreditch hotel purely because Bankside and Tower Hill were completely sold out! Which in my mind is always a great sign. Although I didn’t spend a huge amount of time in the hotel the reception/communal area was buzzing with life and lots of people relaxing.

My room was so cute, it was small but I’d say perfectly formed with the most comfortable bed ever!! I always have that slightly fitful sleep in a new place but this was literally like sleeping on a cloud! (That and I’d had some wine 🙊)

Citizen M Hotel
Most comfortable bed ever!


The room had some nice touches like the balloon dog bookend, which I really wanted to take home/get my own! Everything was also controlled by iPad making it the most high tech place I’ve stayed in! Blinds, TV, lights, music I mean everything at the touch of an Apple button!

Citizen M Hotel
Everyone needs a balloon dog right?!


Citizen M Hotel


Citizen M Hotel
A little light reading during my stay

Next time I need a room in London I will definitely be booking Citizen M again! I hope i’ll have more time to check out the bar, I hear they have a killer cocktail menu!

Have you stayed at a Citizen M hotel before? Did you love it as much as me?


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