Travel: What’s in my long haul hand luggage?


We’re off to Australia soon and as the flight is soooooooo long I’ve been planning my hand luggage to make it as comfortable as possible, with everything I need with me. I thought I’d give you a little run down on what I’m planning to take.

First up, what I’m actually packing it all in…….. I’ve invested in a new backpack which I found on Asos during the Black Friday sale, it only cost £20! I’ve decided on a backpack over a hand luggage size suitcase because we are planning to travel around when we’re away so it makes it more convenient to have something I can sling over my shoulder.

Packing for a long flight


My skin gets super dehydrated during flights which then makes me break out in blemishes and leaving it all puffy. To help combat puffy eyes I’m taking Jamela luxurious under-eye masks which are so hydrating and leave my skin feeling really smooth. Next up is the Glacial Cleansing Cloths from Skyn which is an Icelandic brand, who use natural ingredients from Iceland. With the absence of water on the plane I’m hoping these cloths will remove any nasties my skins picked up on the way. I’m also taking the Docteur Renaud my glowing complexion programme which includes eye and face cream along with a cleansing water.

So that’s my face sorted but what about hands and elbows? My elbows get so dry so the Aesop concentrate body balm will be in my bag. It smells so so amazing!



A few years ago I invested in some Beats by Dre headphones and have never looked back. The sound quality is so good but they are also noise cancelling so if anyone snores I won’t be able to hear them! Hurrah. I’m weighing up at the moment if I need to take my iPad and Kindle with me. I have a Kindle app on my iPad but I’ve been gifted a Kindle with so many books on including the new Jilly Cooper, Mount which I am dying to read! This time round the Kindle may win.

I’ll also be packing my new Canon camera in my hand luggage so I know that it’s safe and not being thrown around in my case in the hold.



I like to turn up to the airport hopefully looking fairly smartish in the hope that I might get an upgrade. I have to say this has only ever happened once but I like to think it *might* happen again one day. But, jeans aren’t the most comfortable thing to travel in for any length of time so I’m investing in some new jogging bottoms which I can change into once we’re in the air. I’ve found these slouchy ones on Asos and are a total sale bargain at only £10!

I’ll also be taking an oversized sweatshirt because I always find the air conditioning on planes so cold! I’ve found this great one from New Look and it’s only £14.99.

Current Mood Sweatshire

Socks! Warm toasty socks are always a must for me, there’s nothing worse than having cold feet on a long journey.

Everything else in between:

So that’s my beauty, fashion and tech covered so you must be thinking ‘surely there’s nothing else’ well….. All that’s left is a neck cushion to stop that horrible head drop and neck ache. I’ve recently bought a super soft striped one from Muji and it was only £19.95. The final thing I will be packing is a lavender infused eye mask, I was give my purple satin one from a hotel I stayed at a few years ago. The lavender seems to help me sleep on the plane.

travel neck cushion

So that’s it, everything I’ll be squeezing into my fancy pants new backpack.


Is there anything you always have to have in your carry on? Any beauty products you swear by?



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