Three facial oils to fall in love with


The combination of cold weather and tropical central heating has been playing havoc with my skin. It’s either completely dry or red – neither look is the prettiest tbh.

This is where the discovery of facial oil comes in, now in the past I’ve always avoided oil on my skin for fear of looking shiny – the joys of having combination skin! Oh and the excessive use of blotting paper in high school which ALWAYS made you think your skin was oiler than it actually was!

Anyway roll forward about 15 years and facial oil has become a winter staple in my night-time skincare routine.

So here’s my top three facial oils I’m currently loving.

three facial oils

Darphin Rose Aromatic Care Hydration

This oil is so luxurious and smells beautiful. I’ve only got a little 4ml sample which I received in a previous Birchbox but I’ve been making this one last. I’ve found it super hydrating and the rose scent is really lovely to use just before drifting off into the land of snooze!


Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

This is probably one of the most well-known oils on the market, not only is it anti-oxidant but it also shields the skin about pollution and everyday toxins. I’m yet to test it anywhere but my face but, I’ve read that it is also meant to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I can’t currently place the scent, it’s unique to Nuxe but it is really calming. If anyone knows what it is please let me know!


Heaven Skincare Dream Oil Serum

Out of the three facial oils I’ve been trialling this one wins on scent. It combines essential oils including organic jasmine, geranium, lavender and sandalwood. I also love that it comes with a dropper in the lid so none of the product is wasted! I’m such a clutz this is a god-send for me! I’ve found using it under my moisturiser has helped balance my dry skin and the effects central heating has.

Deborah Mitchell Heaven Skincare

Are you currently using a facial oil? Which one have you incorporated into your winter skincare routine?



*Contains PR sample


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