Interiors planning for our extension

We’re currently going through some fairly extensive renovation works at our house with a new large extension being built. We’re not only extending our kitchen, adding a dining room and orangery but also a new master bedroom with fancy pants en-suite bathroom.

The build has been over a year in the making with endless rounds of planning permissions being approved, the moving and rerouting of drains amongst other things. I’d love to say it’s all been plain sailing but that would be a rather large porkie pie!!

So where are we now? Well the building shell is up, the roof on (except for the tiles) the electrics are being chased in and the wall is being built for our new bathroom so it’s all getting there……… if a little slower than I’d like. But then again I’d like to click my heels and it all be finished!

The makings of our orangery


The inside of what will be our orangery
The underside of our en-suite, you really have to use your imagination for this one!

So whilst the husband is dealing with the building side of things my mind has started to wander to the more exciting things like wallpaper, chairs, lights, well anything that isn’t breezeblocks or roof tiles! has become my new love and I’ve literally been adding things to my online basket ready for that all important nod to say I can press buy now button.

In my mind I’m thinking of quite muted tones of greys and creams with the odd splash of colour here and there. For our orangery I love these Kolton chairs, they’ve got enough recline to be perfect for lounging in the sunshine. We are having the same floor tiles throughout the kitchen, dining room and orangery so I’m trying to create a cosy relaxing area and break up the colour a little. I’ve found this rug which is also grey but has some flashes of colour on each end.  I also want a tall and (hopefully) impressive floor lamp which will stand out and I can’t resist this full height copper lamp to sit between my two Kolton chairs. Basically I want the whole of in my house!

Grey arm chairCopper floor lampGrey floor rug


Just to be clear this post isn’t sponsored in any way at all, I’m just in love with everything on the website!  

This is just a little interiors planning update which I’m hoping I can make into a reality once all of the building work has finished.

Right, I’m off to look at wallpaper samples for the walls which aren’t actually built yet…..


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