Last minute Mother’s Day gift idea

If you’re a bit like me and leave everything to the last minute, chances are you’re panicking about getting a decent Mother’s Day present and those remaining flowers at the supermarket are probably starting to look a little bit sad and probably won’t win you any points in the present giving stakes!

This would make a fabulous Mother’s Day present and if you upgrade you can include afternoon tea too! This would also earn you lots of son/daughter gold stars!

I was recently invited to join a perfume making experience with The Perfume Studio which is led by an expert perfumer and takes you on what can only be described as a sensory journey in creating your own bespoke fragrance to take away.

The Perfume Studio was set up by leading ‘nose’ Francois Robert who has created iconic fragrances including Charlotte Tilbury’s new scent and Chanel No.19.

Most of the perfumes I’m usually drawn to are quite light and either have a citrus or floral smell to them but having said that I’m completely in love with Jo Malone London’s Myrrh & Tonka cologne intense which is so heavy it couldn’t be further from my normal choice if I tried! Anyway, back to making my own scent……. the session kicks off with a glass of bubbly which is always welcome!

Champagne glass

Perfume is made up of base, middle and top notes. The base fragrance adds body and longevity to a scent and can last on the skin up to 24 hours, the middle notes last up to eight hours on the skin and the top notes are the short lived ‘wow’ factor which usually only last for about 30 minutes.

During the two hour session we were taken through 21 different scent combinations within the different ‘scent notes’ and some I was immediately drawn to but quite a few didn’t float my boat. We were advised by our perfumer to include up to five different combinations anymore and some scents would be lost.

Once you’ve picked your five combinations the master perfumer on the day will blend the scents and depending on your booked session you will be presented with either a 5ml bottle or a 20ml atomiser to take home with you.

These are the five combinations which made up my Delphine Blu scent


Sessions cost from £39 per person but if you want to be favourite child for the rest of the year I’d go for the golf experience with afternoon tea!



Contains PR sample but opinions remain unbiased


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