Making changes to be the best version of myself


I’m 17 days into a new job which is mostly home based so all that walking/running/panicking to catch the train I used to have on my commute to and from London has gone – Hurrah, although it does mean I’m spending a lot more time sat on my behind, which is never going to be great for my health or waistline for that matter.

Since being back from Australia where we were super active every day, I’ve got a bit demotivated and if I’m 100% honest with myself – lazy! I have been seeing my personal trainer once a week but that only works if I then exercise on the other days and don’t stuff my face with Mini Eggs (damn you Easter chocolates by the tills!).

boat at sunset
Who wouldn’t be inspired by this view when running

So this morning whilst watching the lovely Josie from FashionMumblr’s pre-spring Asos haul, I decided that I’m going to do something about it. There are so many gorgeous pieces in the video that I want but at the moment don’t feel I could wear any of them without feeling uncomfortable and just not the best version of myself. This has spurred me on to make some lifestyle changes so much so that I actually went for a 2.5 mile run, I know it doesn’t sound far but it’s further than walking from my bedroom to my office which is a start!

I’ve also bitten the bullet and signed up to The Body Coach 90 day plan, I’ve got my BFF’s wedding in Bali in June which is give or take in 90 days’ time, so I thought this would be the motivation I need to make those changes happen. Plus I’ve got my eye on so many gorgeous spring/summer pieces that I really want in my wardrobe.

So this is it, changes afoot to become the best version of myself. I’m going to continue with regular updates but I promise not to bore you silly with oversharing!


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