A castle fit for a queen

What if I told you that there was a castle just outside Edinburgh complete with suits of armour and four poster beds which you can hire out? You’d think I was making it up or that it costs the same as a diamond encrusted unicorn, well I can happily report that I’m neither making it up and I don’t have a unicorn!

Recently I flew to Edinburgh to stay at the gorgeous Borthwick Castle. Admittedly we did arrive in a blizzard and it was a little colder than I’d anticipated but the drive up to the castle was so pretty.

Borthwick Castle was my very own castle on the hill albeit only for one night. The Great Hall actually stunned me into silence (no mean feat) it really did take my breath away. The roaring fire, suits of armour and huge candle lit chandelier were everything I expected and so much more.

Castle great hall


floral display



There’s 10 different bedrooms in the castle and each one has been individually designed with a theme relating to the castle’s history. I was staying in the Red Rose room which I was told had seen both love and tragedy throughout history. It was such a gorgeous room and the bed was honestly like sleeping on a cloud! Every inch of the room has been used to maximise the space, the door leading to the bathroom is literally the smallest door ever – good job I’m such a shortie! Even the loo had view of the castle grounds, I’m pleased my room was so high up. But, what can I say about the roll top bath, literally my bathtub of dreams, it was perfectly positioned so that I could see out of the window or watch TV, dreamy.

Castle bedchamber


view from the bath


bathroom views

I can’t believe I haven’t even mentioned the food until now but OMG! I was treated to the most amazing food during my stay. It started with afternoon tea, complete with macarons which are my absolute favourites.

afternoon tea


afternoon tea




One of the great advantages of staying in a private venue like Borthwick Castle is literally anything is possible. When I say this I mean we were piped into dinner but a real life, 100% Scottish piper and it was every bit as fabulous as it sounds. This lead nicely into a full taste of Scotland six course meal completely with freshly caught lobster, roasted Highland venison and of course a tiny amuse bouche with haggis all accompanied by endless champagne and wine.  I’m pretty sure I rolled out of the castle, but the chef Derek Johnstone is incredible.

Scottish piper




cocktails and canapes


Scottish seafood


Highlands vensito


Haggis amuse bouche


pre dessert lemon meringue

As part of my stay I was also treated to some traditional castle experiences including archery, which turns out I am a dab hand and falconry. I met this gorgeous owl called Bandit who flew around the Great Hall, if you get married there you can have owls fly down the aisle with the rings – OMG Harry Potter wedding alert!

New Zealand Owl


harris hawk falconry


For now, I’m back at my desk dreaming of my next castle escape.




*I was a guest of Borthwick Castle but all views are my own


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