Following me, following you on Instagram

The ‘gram’ is probably my most favourite social media platform and I’ve been working hard to try and grow my own following.

I don’t have a set theme (which is probably against some blogger rule), I don’t tend to show my face very often (purely because I pull the same face a Chandler Bing from Friends) and I don’t post at the same time every day. What I do post is a mixture of travel, beauty, and lifestyle and generally things I just love. Oh and you’ll always find Nigel cat in my Instastories.

Chandler Bing Friends

Anyway I realise I’m descending into waffling! What I don’t understand with the ‘gram’ is the whole follow, unfollow thing. I think my follower numbers has hit 600 (I’m only small fry) about 10 times already now.


So my question is WHY? Why follow people with the full intention of unfollowing the next day? Is the intention to grow your own followers because chances are the people you mass follow will then follow back? (I realise I’ve used follow many times in that last paragraph!)

Does anyone know? I’m genuinely intrigued!

I tend to follow accounts that either show amazing travel images or fabulous fashion and beauty or there’s just something about their grid that I love and can relate to. Oh and of course there are several pug or cat accounts (I can’t help myself).

Quite often I find myself parting with hard earned cash for products I’ve seen on Instagram because the likelihood is, I may not have seen them in stores or would have even thought to look at it let alone buy!

Despite my pondering about the whole follow/unfollow thing here are six ‘grammers’ that I love seeing light up my newsfeed. Although there are so many I could continue for days!

VacayBirds are a Swedish couple travelling the world who I discovered whilst I was in Byron Bay. Their grid gives me daily wanderlust

Goodnight everyone 🍉 • • #panama #panamacity #traveltheworld

A post shared by Camilla&Vasse Around The W🌎rld (@vacaybirds) on

Fashion photographer Jay McLaughlin’s images are stunning, he’s also a self-confessed cat lover #win

FashionMumblr, Josie’s feminine style is simply beautiful and I regularly find myself lusting over her wardrobe and wanting everything. Also Dexter the sausage dog’s appearances on Instastories is always super cute

Englishmum, Becky’s grid is always a fabulous mix of food, travel, fashion and of course Disney. She also has a made whippet, Lyra who often has a starring role on Instagram Stories.

Ok so I’m not a mum but Susie Verrill is laugh out loud hilarious on both Instagram and her blog. Her grid is a mixture of Milo (her son), fashion and beauty, but it’s her photo captions which are sweary and honest which make me chuckle every time a post pops up in my newsfeed.

My final fave is Debs Stubbington, Bang on Style which is a mixture of travel, beauty, fashion and DIY. Her feed is one that makes me online shop continuously, a danger to my bank balance!


What are your thoughts on the whole follow/unfollow thing? Like it, hate it, think it’s annoying? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know your thoughts!



  1. 11/04/2017 / 2:30 pm

    I think a lot of it are automated “bot” (sounds like stuff of the future doesn’t it) but basically programs designed to build peoples following or raise awareness. Others do seem to do it to draw attention to themselves. It’s infuriating (especially if you’re a round number obsessive-I don’t really even like the radio on an odd number). Thanks for sharing those accounts, I will take a look!

    • delphineblublog
      11/04/2017 / 2:38 pm

      i’m a round number obsessive too or failing that even numbers! It’s a shame that bots are being used to follow/unfollow as it makes it harder for smaller bloggers to grow organically.

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