New York Dreaming

I’ve only ever visited New York once and that was a couple of years ago for a work trip and although I had a little bit of spare time to do some of the touristy stuff when I think about it, it probably worked out to be about 12 hours in total. And within that time I also had to fit in a dash to Sephora and Victoria’s Secrets, I know what you’re thinking ‘how is that even possible?’

Times Square NYPD

My trip to Sephora was literally like the 90’s TV show Supermarket Sweep! Anyone who’s been to the cosmetics mecca will know that you need at least 12 hours in just the one store. (I don’t even think I’m exaggerating!).

Beauty products Sephora

So I’m now planning a return trip to give myself much more time to explore the Big Apple. It’s such a vast city with a lot of the attractions I want to visit all spread out I’m planning on getting a Vacation Pass which not only includes entrance to loads of the places on my bucket list like the Empire State Building and the Rockafella Centre but it also includes travel so I can hop on and off the subway (and I’m sure get lost) to my heart’s content.

Empire State Building


Flags at the Rockafella Center

Whenever I’ve travelled to the East Coast of America my jetlag seems to hang around like a fart in a lift, so the last time I was in NYC I put my early morning wide awakeness to good use by getting up early to explore. Times Square is breath-taking, but during the day it’s so freaking busy however, my top tip is take advantage of being awake early and visit first thing, granted pretty much all the shops will be shut but, you do get the opportunity to wander round and take in the sights we’ve all seen on movie screens before the rest of the tourists arrive!

Obviously NYC is a super Instagrammable city and there are so many amazing buildings like the Flat Iron, Statue of Liberty and of course Central Park which are all on the hop on hop off bus routes which come included in the Vacation Pass. It’s such a great way to get round the city and saves loads of money.

Statue of Liberty

As well as the main tourist attractions that I know I simply have to visit, I also want to check out all those fabulous areas like Brooklyn and Hell’s Kitchen. I want to hang out in the best bars in Williamsburg like the Turkey Nest Tavern, which apparently is a dive bar but it just sounds like so much fun!

Brooklyn Bridge

I know there are so many places within the city I have to visit and I’m not even sure a four day trip would be long enough but, I’m going to give it a good go.

Have you been to New York? I’d love to hear your recommendations of bars, restaurants, well anywhere I simply have to visit whilst hanging out in the city that never sleeps.









*This post was sponsored by Vacation Pass but all views are my own


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