Time to be kind to yourself


I haven’t written anything for the blog in nearly a month and even my Instagram posting has been lacking of late, but I’ve realised that it’s important to be kind to yourself and take time out when you need to.

I’m forever being hard on myself in pretty much every aspect of life – ‘go to the gym more, blog more, be more creative, etc. etc.’ you get the drift. But after having a procedure in hospital recently I’ve realised that we should be kinder to ourselves and look at the positives rather than worrying about the things we are yet to do.

I’ve also found social media and Twitter in particular a pretty negative place recently and don’t even get me started on Instagram and its crazy algorithm and just all round crapness! Bring back chronological order and loveliness.

I know what you’re thinking ‘it’s all very well you blathering on about being kind to yourself but, what are you actually doing about it?’

So here goes, these are the changes I’m making for a happier, kinder life.


  1. Stop Comparing!

I’ve been doing this since, well as far back as I can remember and I think it’s a natural trait us ladies have. We constantly compare ourselves to our friends, celebrities, online influencers, well basically anyone and creating our own cloud of self-doubt. Mine is often fitness and body shape related but it does more harm than good. So, I’m ditching comparing myself to the world and his wife and embracing what I have and making the best of it. I went shopping at the weekend in actual real shops and not online ones and I tried on oodles of clothes, a lot were rejected (I’m way too short for wrap dresses!) but a lot where also purchased and for the first time in a long time I didn’t hate myself in everything I tried on. So that’s me giving the big two fingers up at comparing myself and creating my own cloud of self-doubt.

  1. Cut Out Negativity

I’ve mentioned that social media and Twitter have been full of negative Norman’s recently which I found really does affect my mood, so I’ve decided I’m cutting out the negativity. If someone I follow is posting things I don’t agree with or I think they are being mean to others then I’ll unfollow. This includes you POTUS!


  1. Give and Receive Compliments

I’m never very good at accepting a compliment and always manage to twist it round. If someone says ‘I love your dress it looks great on you’ my initial response will be something like ‘oh this old thing, I’ve had it years.’ Even if it’s brand new. I know, insert all of the eye rolls here! But our natural responses to compliments is always one of distrust and cynicism but I’m going to try and accept them as face value when they do come. It’s the same for dishing them out, I don’t think I do it enough and should. Seen something online you love from someone you follow? Tell them you love it, chances are they will really appreciate it.


  1. Give Yourself the Gift of Time

I’m forever cramming as much as possible into my days, weekends and evenings so much so that I often feel rushed and don’t end up fully enjoying what I’m doing. So I’ve decided this summer I’ll be saying ‘yes’ to less but enjoying more.

  1. Get Some Exercise

Now I’m not saying I will be down the gym everyday slogging it out until I pass out I’m talking about doing more of the things I love and exercising without even realising it. Now the sun has started to shine I’ll be digging out my paddle board to cruise up and down the river five minutes from my house. I’ll be taking longer walks, getting out on my bike and even (if I’m feeling extra energetic) going for a run. I think exercise is a great way to clear the mind and rebalance, I always feel like I can take on anything when I’ve got the blood pumping.

These are just some of the things I’m doing to be kinder to myself. Have you got any top tips you’ve used in the past to give yourself a more positive outlook?


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