First impressions of Garnier’s SkinActive new Moisture Bomb night cream

I’ve been after a night cream for a little while since my Gariner Miracle Cream ran out and I just didn’t get round to replacing it – lazy much?!

I find in the summer my skin tends to need a really moisturising night cream more than ever, I think it must have something to do with me being a sun worshipper.

I picked up Moisture Bomb, not because I’d seen lots of info about it or because it was brand new, it was purely because I was in Boots a little prosecco tiddly and chose it based on price. It was only £7.99 and the Miracle Cream was £12.99 so I thought I’d save a few £££.

skincare flatlay

I’m actually really pleased with my tightening of the purse strings on this one. Rather than it being cream based it’s more of a gel based formula and actually feels really light on my skin. If you’re anything like me and don’t like creams which are too heavy and take a while to soak into the skin, then this is perfect. As soon as it touched my face it literally melted away in an instant. It was almost like my skin was shouting ‘thirsty, so thirsty’. It also doesn’t really smell of anything, I think the only way I can describe it is ‘it smells clean’ which I know isn’t really a useful description at all!

Skincare flatlay

As you might have guessed from the name ‘Moisture Bomb’ it’s really focused on hydration and hydrates up to five layers of skin. Now according to the box it’s meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines, irregularities and dullness which can show up more when the skin is dehydrated.

Combining this with nightly double cleansing I’m hoping to see an improvement in the quality of my skin over the next few weeks. I know it won’t happen overnight but I’m sure I’ll see some changes.


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