The joy of double cleansing with Pixi Beauty

I will be the first to admit that my beauty regime has been a little lackadaisical in the past, think a quick once over with a face wipe (grim I know), going to bed with my make-up still on (shameful) and generally just not looking after my skin properly.

But, as I’m clocking on a bit I’ve finally come to realise that I have to look after my skin, especially as I still suffer break outs similar to those of a prepubescent boy. Cue, Pixi Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons.

Now, I know you’re thinking, god where have you been for months, living under a stone? Well in the skincare department, yes a little! But I’m happy to say I’ve broken free from hiding in the darkness and am taking my skincare seriously.

So I’ve been religiously using Pixi Beauty double cleanse for the last couple of months each evening and I’ve found my skin is in much better shape than it has been. If you haven’t seen it/used it before you start off with the solid cleansing oil which for me tends to get rid of all the dirt, grim and make up much more effectively than any make up remover. I then wash this off with warm water and a flannel then follow up with the cleansing cream. I love the cream, it’s really moisturising and doesn’t dry my skin out.

I really love this product, it has no scent to it and is great for my sensitive, break out prone skin. It is a little pricey at £24 but I’m realising that you can’t really put a price on great skincare, especially when you have crazy skin which is super sensitive to product changes.

For those of you who don’t know who Caroline Hirons is, she is basically the queen of skincare. Her blog always has practical advice and really honest product reviews, which I love. You also have to check out her Instastories, so funny especially if she’s ranting!


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