Just Because….Jo Malone London

Every time I travel through an airport I always drift towards the Jo Malone section and just stand there smelling in all of the gorgeous fragrances. But, for a long time that’s where my relationship with them ended, I always talked myself out of purchasing because of the price.

Then back in June, they ran this really fabulous campaign called Just Because, all about doing something ‘Just Because’. Treating ourselves, friends, family etc was the name of the game and to entice people in they ran a competition on their website.

Remember those machine grabbers at the arcades? Basically it was an online version of that where you could win candles, cologne or free engraving.

I happened to be a little tiddly (which is become a recurring thing with my shopping) on the train home and stumbled across the competition via someone on Twitter. I of course had to have a go and as luck would have it I won a full sized Basil and Neroli candle worth £44! I did have to spend over £30 but it meant I finally bought the orange blossom cologne I’d been ogling over since forever.

The candle smells so so good and I cannot wait to burn it in our new extension (when it’s finished)

Upon check out from the Jo Malone website I was given the option of beautiful packaging or no packaging. I’m sure you can guess which I opted for?! For no other reason than Just Because.

Although Jo Malone London products are a little pricey it really shows in the quality of the scents. Orange Blossom is going to be my go to throughout the summer but I’ve got my eye on the intense Myrrh & Tonka which is absolutely gorgeous but a little too heavy for the summer.

If you haven’t quite taken the plunge to purchase yet, you can head to a Jo Malone store and ask for a free hand and arm massage, which is dreamy! They also offer these in airport duty free which is such a relaxing way to start a flight.

Do you have a favourite Jo Malone scent which you’re always drawn back to?


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