Kiko Cosmetics had a sale and I couldn’t resist

I was in London’s Covent Garden recently and spied Kiko Cosmetics had a sale on, so I thought I’d have a nosy around in store. Firstly, OMG it was so busy, but then again I don’t know why I expected anything different. I’m not Beyonce and no one is going to ever close a store for me to go shopping. (Eye rolling at myself!)

cosmetics flat lay including magazineKiko isn’t a brand I’m overly familiar with or have even tried products from but I have read a bit about it online and it seems to have been well received since it opened in the UK.

The Covent Garden store is beautifully laid out with row upon row of product and had it not been full to bursting with people I could have spent hours perusing all of the products. But, as I mentioned there was a sale on, it’s Covent Garden and it was mobbed.

I picked up a couple of random things to try out, including a matte blusher, nail polish and also these hydrating foot socks, plus some nail files. I told you my selection was random! Everything came to under £14 which I was really impressed with.

The foot socks intrigue me, especially with it being summer and flip flop weather, there’s nothing worse than your feet looking like those of the hobbit crammed into flip flops. I’m excited to try these out and see if they make a difference.

The nail polish I bought is a gorgeous blue colour but, like every nail polish I’ve ever tried you have to use about four coats to actually achieve the colour in the bottle. This is one of my biggest irks about nail polish in gerneral, the number of coats you have to apply to get the actual colour the bottle represents. But having said that, the formula is smooth and dries quickly.

I bought this blusher purely because I loved the heart design in the pan. The colour combination I picked up was 01 Loving Pink Flame which is a combination of coral and warm pinks. The lightest pink is to brighten the skin and the other two to give a flushed glow. What I really love about this product is the size of the mirror in the compact.

Blusher flatlay


The final bits I picked up were a diamond nail file and a pack of emery boards – not much more to say about those, hardly ground breaking purchases!

Have you used Kiki before, what did you think? Worth investing more?



  1. Amy
    10/07/2017 / 3:25 pm

    Great sale picks! I really like Kiko, we got a store here in Cardiff last year and I can’t resist popping in whenever I pass.

    • delphineblublog
      10/07/2017 / 3:29 pm

      Thanks Amy, I’d not been in there before but had it not be rammed I would have spent literally hours in there. Such lovely products!

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