The best places to work in London if you’re self-employed

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Since taking the plunge and going self-employed back in March I’ve been on the hunt for the best places to work in London without having to fork out for an expensive private members club membership.

I’ve spent a bit of time working from the Hospital Club but although perfectly located it doesn’t lend itself well to working. I like a place with an abundance of plug sockets and comfy seating oh and good tea! I’m not a coffee drinking so there has to be an abundance of good builder’s tea available.

So, I thought I’d share with you my favourite places to work in London, so far. I’m 100% sure I’ll be updating this again as I find other great places.


The Hoxton, Holborn

The Hoxton in Holborn has an abundance of space in their lobby, well I say lobby but it’s more reception, come bar, come restaurant, come great place to hang out and work. It’s literally a three minute walk from Holborn Station, which is ideal for me as it’s a quick whizz along the Central Line from Liverpool Street.

The wifi is really strong and there are plug sockets literally everywhere. Plus to top it off the ice tea is really good and price wise really reasonable.

Also if you need a quick manicure, the Cheeky Parlour is right next door.


Foxlow, Soho

I literally stumbled upon Foxlow in Soho after I’d been to a meeting and was in the need of food and somewhere to catch up on some work. Foxlow on Lower James Street is just off Golden Square in the centre of Soho. It’s ideal for a working lunch because there’s a really long bench style seating in the window, and again there’s plug sockets! Can you sense a theme here?!

Despite being in the centre of Soho the menu is incredible reasonable and the food tastes great. I can highly recommend the grapefruit soda but be warned it’s incredibly Moorish! They also do frozen Aperol Sprtiz which I’m desperate to try!

flatlay lunch

Google Campus, Near Liverpool St Station

This is a real coworking space filled with techie and creative types which I really love, you do have to become a member which is free to sign up. The Dose Café it a comfortable space but be warned, you have to get there early because it does get full pretty quickly.

I work from Google when I need to get out of the house and see actual people!



Ace Hotel, Shoreditch

Oh lovely Shoreditch, I couldn’t leave East London out of my list. The Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street is a hop, skip and jump from Box Park. It’s fit to bursting with ‘creatives’ which I love. It gets super busy and is bustling which is perfect to get the creative thoughts flowing. I often need to be somewhere super busy to get my brain going, sometimes working from home on my own I find myself getting into a fog and I just can’t seem to be creative.


So that’s my top four places I’ve discovered to work from in the last six months. Let me know if there’s somewhere you love to go to catch up on work and be around people, I’m always looking for new places to try.


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