Why you can never just have a ‘look’ in Primark any more

When I was younger, (I mean about 20 years younger than I am today) being dragged into Primark with your mum was probably one of, if not the most embarrassing things ever. God forbid if you saw anyone you knew, especially if it was the cool hot guys all the girls wanted to be noticed by. It used to be the place for real basics and not much else.

But, fast forward 20 odd years, it’s not only the place where we proudly say ‘oh this, I got it in Primarni’ it’s also the store you have to keep going back to for the latest offering and the place you will never leave empty handed.

Given that pretty much every high street store has an online shopping facility allowing us to order anything at a whim at the touch of a button, you’d be forgiven for thinking Primark is a little behind the times, they don’t have an online store. But, I think this is the beauty of it and why its sales seem to be going from strength to strength. You have to go in store and look, now I challenge anyone to actually go in store just ‘to look’ and come out empty handed, it’s nigh on impossible not to pick something up.

I did this twice in the same week recently and I blame their Instagram account entirely! Like 99% of the population I have a soft spot for anything Disney, not only is it timeless, but it also takes me back to my childhood in an instance. They recently posted a picture of the cutest Minnie Mouse slippers and given how ‘ChipGate’ played out I decided I would not miss out on these, but in my haste to get my hands on them I was too early and they weren’t on the shelves. Instead of just leaving the store I casually wandered amongst the aisles and aisles of lovely things which I’m 100% sure I didn’t need, but at those prices it’s basically saving money, right?


So what did I pick up in trip number one?

This super cute pink palm tree bikini for the exotic sunshine holiday I haven’t got planned for this summer (I’m off to Wales in September). With the mention of Wales, I also bought a pocket mac, nothing says British summer like wearing a bikini with a mac over the top. If anyone happens to be at the Ironman in Tenby in September, my apologies for crimes against fashion in advance!

pink palm print bikini


pink palm print bikini

A black and white striped wash bag because I’ve decided the Boots one I bought at the back end of last year just isn’t right.

A white Minnie Mouse make up bag because well it’s Minnie Mouse and you can never have enough make-up bags.

Minnie Mouse make up bag

Black peg leg fitted trousers with a flower print, well summers disappeared faster than a prosecco on happy hour so I need trousers.

I’m a lover of stripes and needed just one more jumper to add to the four other pretty much identical striped jumpers, oh and an iPhone mount for the car because, well it was £2 and by the till.

After this visit at the weekend, Primark then had their autumn press day which I didn’t go to but saw so many updates on Instagram I’ve now got an entirely new list of things I 100% need. Hence trip number two (in a week).

This time, not only was I on the hunt for Minnie Mouse slippers but homewares that are ‘blogger office goals’. Yes I’m a walking cliché but I can’t resist a bit of marble and rose gold. This trip yield not one but two pairs of slippers including the converted Minnie Mouse ones, a couple of fitted black t-shirts (like pants you can never have too many) some rose gold mermaid shaped clothes hangers and a rose gold wire in-tray for my office.

Minnie Mouse slippers


office interiors

I’m still waiting for the rose gold and marble jewellery organiser and various other things which I’ve now convinced myself I need.

Have you ever managed to go to Primark and come out empty handed? I’d love to know your secret if you have.



  1. 04/08/2017 / 3:51 pm

    If I just look at the clothing, I manage to make it out safely, without having taken out my purse.
    If I wander beyond the clothing, to the homewares or pyjama section?
    Let’s just say getting those shopping bags home is a better workout that any cicuit at the gym!

    • delphineblublog
      04/08/2017 / 5:00 pm

      OMG I think I have a serious problem! I’ve just popped in there again and come out with a massive bag full of new gym stuff! (eyerolls!)

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