Taking some much needed me time during Women’s Wellness Week

Would you believe I’ve never been to a spa or on a spa break? I know!! I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this relaxation paradise this whole time. So when the lovely ladies over at Spabreaks.com asked me if I’d like to be involved with Women’s Wellness Week and have a relaxing massage during wellness hour, I of course leapt at the chance.

Now when I say I haven’t been to a spa before, that’s 100% true but I have had massages in the past in various beauty salons and although nice, nowhere near as fabulous as what I experienced today.

Women’s Wellness Week has been designed by Spabreaks.com to encourage women to take time for themselves and make their mental and physical health a priority, it’s running from 18 – 22 Sept. I’m the first to admit that I often put things off because ‘I’m too busy’ but after my massage today it’s made me realise I need to take a step back sometimes.

My #We11nesshour massage was booked in at the gorgeous Down Hall Manor, in Bishops Stortford (Essex) firstly – wowserz, I drove along the treeline driveway which opened out into an impressive view of the building, I don’t normally go for the country house hotel look, but Down Hall Manor is simply stunning. Imposing but not intimidating, sumptuous but not stuffy I really was in seventh heaven and this was just reception and the lounge!

country house hotel Essex

The Eden Spa, where I spent an incredibly relaxed hour has new treatment rooms and use ESPA products which smell heavenly. I arrived slightly late, flustered and with shoulders up to my ears and left an hour later feeling super relaxed with my shoulders back in their rightful place.

I was treated to a full body Swedish massage using lavender based ESPA oils and moisturisers. My therapist Jordan had to work quite hard on my insanely knotted shoulders, all that time spent hunched over a laptop does nothing for my posture! After my treatment she also explained how important it is to take some time out and step away from the laptop and everyday life.


So, I’ve decided that I’m going to implement some changes and take some well-earned me time every day, these are just some of the things I’ve decided on:

  • Leave the laptop and go for a walk (and not just to the fridge)
  • Step away from the iPhone in the evening. I’m so guilty of aimlessly scrolling through my social media channels all evening and not actually taking a break
  • Exercise – I really enjoy exercising but I’m also queen of excuses of why I can’t go to the gym or go out on my bike. It’s usually ‘urgh, I’m just so busy’
  • Stop using the term ‘I’m just so busy’ I think I use this as a mask to avoid doing other things

I think I’m also going to treat myself to regular massages, I don’t why I haven’t done it sooner!

Is there anything you’d do to get some more ‘me time’?


I was a guest of Spabreaks.com but all views and opinions are my own


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