Five ways to be self-indulgent

Recently I took some time out during Women’s Wellness Week to spend an hour having a super indulgent massage and it was amazing. I’d totally forgotten what it was like just to take some time for myself and not be rushing around like a mad thing trying to do everything.

This got me thinking, it really is ok to be self-indulgent and put yourself first sometimes as long as it doesn’t turn you into a selfish arse. Don’t get me wrong I’m always happy to help other people and do things for friends and family but, I do think there’s a lot to be said on taking some time for yourself.

I think a lot of this comes from growing up an only child, I’m really happy in my own company and can amuse myself easily. I’m not saying I’m an antisocial biatch and I love being around my friends and family, but sometimes I just love a little quiet time. Whenever Mr B goes away with his mates or is working the weekend he knows I secretly enjoy it because it means I can be super selfish and spend the day relaxing.

So I’ve come up with five ways to be self-indulgent and get some much needed me time


  1. Sink into a hot bath

If I’m lacking in time I love locking myself away in the bathroom and sinking into a hot bath preferably filled with a Lush bath bomb. I’ve just stocked up on some of their new products including the Halloween Cat bubble bar, which does look a bit like Nigel.


  1. Read a book

I used to read a book everyday on my commute to London, well that was until iPlayer and Netflix enabled their download function. But, I realised that I hadn’t picked up and finished a physical book in such a long time and I’d forgotten what it was like to get completely consumed by a story. I’m currently reading the Career of Evil which is the third book in the Cormoran Strike series and it’s so so good

  1. Netflix and Chill (well not in that way)

If Mr B has gone out on a lad’s night out I love watching cheesy movies and scoffing chocolates. The new Lily O’Brien’s dessert collection is my current go to treat. Apart from the Banoffee Pie (Bananas are not my fave) the flavours are amazing. It’s basically like having all of my favourite desserts at the same time – think passionfruit posset and key lime pie, so so good and so so moreishly yummy. So much so that Mr B only ever gets the Banoffee Pie ones!




chocolates close up

  1. Exercise

I find taking an hour out to exercise as often as possible is not only great for my health but also my mental wellbeing. I have a personal trainer once a week which really helps my motivation and makes me want to exercise more.


  1. Switch Off

I find that I’m always connected in some way or another – aimlessly scrolling through Instagram whilst trying to watch TV but then not actually focusing on either. I’ve been turning my phone off and trying to live more in the moment. I found myself becoming so obsessed with Instagram likes, follower count etc. that I was missing out on things happening around me, so I’m switching off (she’s says whilst promoting this online)


So that’s it. This is how I’m becoming a little more self-indulgent and making myself a priority.

Is there anything you do to take time out and focus on yourself?



*contains PR sample but all opinions are my own 


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