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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll already know that Glossier has hit the UK and the internet has gone wild. I’d heard lots about the brand from some of the fabulous bloggers I follow, including Zoe London and Jen from BeautyJunkieLondon and was intrigued by the hype.

Variety of Glossier beauty products including Milky Jelly Cleanser

I’m pretty easily swayed, if some of my favourite content creators say ‘you need this’ then chances are I’ll be whipping out my credit card faster than you can say ‘shopping’.

Disclaimer – I was lucky enough to be watching KateLaVie’s Instastories which happened to have a 10% discount code, which of course pushed me straight into shopping mode. There’s nothing I love more than a discount!

Glossier was created by beauty editors and the founders of fab website Into The Gloss, they have literally tried everything already on the market and taken the best formulas to create Glossier products.

In terms of what I bought, I took Jen’s advice and I feel like I probably went in at entry level and stuck to those that I know others have already raved about. So I picked up the Glossier Phase 1 Set which includes the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and Balm Dotcom in Birthday. I also ordered the Brow Boy and Haloscope Duo in brown and Topaz. By the looks of the website it’s only going to be a money saving duo for a limited time, so get in quick.

Glossier beauty products including Haloscope highlighter

OMG the packaging my order arrived in, is amazing and totally going to be used again and again when I’m travelling. The products all game in bubble wrap lined pink waterproof pouches, as I say perfect for storing make up and jewellery when on the move.

Beauty storage pouches

I have tried each of the products but I’ve challenged myself to actually finish what I’m currently using before moving onto these. Its torture but I have to do it or I’ll end up with lots of half-finished lotions and potions all over the bathroom and my dressing table.

First impressions of what I’ve tried so far:

Milky Jelly Cleanser: to me the texture feels a bit weird to start with but it did leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed which I really liked.

Balm Dotcom: There’s not a huge amount you can say about lip balms apart from this one smells like birthday cake and has a little tiny bit of shimmer to it.

Boy Brow: well, this is a game changer isn’t it?! I love that it really does what it’s meant to, thickens, fills in the gaps and keeps my brows groomed to perfection. Although I’m blonde I went for the brown shade because I tend to have my brows waxed and tinted at Benefit.

I’m still yet to try the priming moisturiser and Haloscope but I’m sure they will both be amazing.

I’m pretty sure this is going to become a new beauty obsession much like the Pixi x Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse or Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk. I hope my bank account is ready……..



Have you bought anything from the Glossier range? What’s your favourites?


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