Getting into the swing of candle season with Osmology

I’m a bit of a candle obsessive and I’m actually writing this looking at seven different ones all varying in size and smell, and that’s just in my office! So when Osmology got in touch and asked if I wanted to try out one of their candles I jumped at the chance.

Large mango candle

Osmology is a gorgeous online store which sells a whole host of cult candle brands from across the world. They are completely independent and if you do find yourself in Bristol I highly recommend visiting their store, it looks fabulous.

The candle I chose is from The Nomad Society, which is a French brand from the surf town of Hossegor. Each of their candles are created in small batches and hand poured, which I love as it means I’m not one of hundreds of the same scent in my house. As I’m a lover of fruity and citrus scents I chose the large double wick mango candle. I was drawn to this because of the mangosteen which reminds me of Bali and the tea I brought home.

What I love the most about these candles, is not only is it massive and has 85hrs of burning but I love the cosy colour of the glass holder which is a deep amber and really does scream autumn to me.

The Nomad Society Mango Candle

As the nights have started to close in, I’ve found myself burning candles more and more which is something I don’t tend to do throughout summer. I’m sure you can already imagine me wrapped in my nanna blanket and my furry slippers surrounded by candlelight, if you didn’t see the glow of the TV you’d think we’ve had a powercut!

We’re nearly finished with our kitchen renovation and I have the absolute perfect spot for it to sit through the autumn. I know it’s going to make the whole of my new house extension smell amazing.

Do you find yourself burning more candles throughout the autumn and winter? Which are your favourite scents to fill your home with?



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