Snacking without the guilt with Ape Snacks

I am a self-confessed snacker and a really bad one at that, I just can’t keep my mitts away from crisps. As much as I try and resist the draw of the salty, potatoey goodness, it’s just too much for my willpower. I can often find myself at the bottom of a family sharing bag before I’ve blinked. So when the lovely people from Ape Snacks got in touch and asked if I’d like to try some of their products, I of course jumped at the chance.

‘Guilt free snacking you say’ where do I sign up?

selection of Ape Snacks collection

Firstly, the packaging of Ape Snacks is super cute and I love their motto of ‘Munch Happy’. If you have come across them before Ape Snacks are all coconut based products, which are all super tasty (I can 1000% vouch for that) but they don’t contain any nasties like extra salt or oodles of sugar.

I tried both types in the range, the curls and the bites. I personally favoured the bites, mostly because they were far easier to eat. You probably already know from reading my other posts I’m a little bit basic and need things to be super easy and not faffy!

hand holding coconut bit surrounded by atutmn leaves

Usually, when I’m stuffing crisps into my face I get to the end of the packet and still feel like I need more but I found with the coconut bites I didn’t have that feeling. They not only tasted amazing (I might have already mentioned this) but they also filled me up and didn’t have me reaching for more.

The bites come in four flavours (I’ve just spotted brand new chocolate ones on the website!) and I’m obsessed with the chia seed version, it makes me feel like I’m being even more healthy than I am, plus they are so good. The curls come in three flavours with the salted chocolate being my favourite – for obvious reasons!

coconut bites surrounded by autumn leaves

If you want to get your hands on Ape Snacks they are literally stocked everywhere from Sainsbury’s to Boots and Co-Op to Ocado.


*This posts contains PR samples but all views are my own opinion


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