Hello Clear Skin – Votary Clarifying Oils Review

If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know I’m forever on a quest for clear skin. I have been cursed with crazy blemish prone skin, which is at the point of breakout at any given moment.

I’ve always thought that I should be drying out breakout areas as much as possible and have as a teenager used the classic toothpaste remedy – FYI this is not a remedy, this is a total myth and just makes you smell like mint. But what can I say, I was young and impressionable and would literally rub a baboons bum on my face if I was told it would sort out my spots. (I didn’t!)

votary blemish rescue oil

I’ve been a regular Benefit Boo Boo Zap user and also tried Mizon Acence Blemish Pink Out Spot both are good but also quite drying on the skin. So when I went to the Liberty London beauty press breakfast and stumbled upon Votary Clarifying Oils and was super intrigued.

Co-founder, Arabella Preston said everything I had learnt and been told about blemish care was utter nonsense. She is on a mission to educate us into understanding the power of natural plant oils and the effect they can have on blemish prone skin. She wants us to stop drying our skin out and start feeding it with natural oils which don’t clog pores.

Of course I was sceptical at first, but let me tell you, I’ve been using it for over two weeks now and it really is working! I’m using the Votary Blemish Rescue Oil which contains a blend of oils including Tamanu oil which is known as nature’s blemish solution as well as a touch of salicylic acid. It comes from the American wintergreen plant which is an anti-inflammatory and dissolves the dead skin cells whilst unblocking pores.

It’s got a built in glass dropped attached to the lid which is both great for application and also slightly messy. Oil as i’m sure you’re aware can be pretty runny! Inside of using the dropping in the traditional manner, I use it almost like a brush and just run it across my blemishes. I know this sounds a little weird, but I don’t want to apply it with my fingers.

Blemish rescue oil

I really think I’m onto a winner with this one, I don’t want to speak too soon but my quest for clear skin might actually be complete!

Votary is available from Liberty London’s beauty hall and the Blemish Rescue Oil is £35



*This incudes PR sample but all opinions are my own


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