Being Beauty Basic

I’ve always been what you might call, low maintenance. As a kid I was into horses and mud rather than Barbies and playing house. As I got older and at senior school, I was never really one to experiment with makeup or spending hours and hours getting ready which I know is slightly ironic considering how much I talk about beauty on this blog!

Flatlay with multipurpose products

As I’ve gotten even older (33 to be exact) I’ve fallen in love with make-up and learnt the benefits of a good skincare regime and the affects it can have on my blemish prone skin but, I don’t think it will every stop me from being beauty basic.

Now, when I say I’m beauty basic, what I really mean is I love a multipurpose product, especially something which can give me a few more precious minutes sleep.  I’d love to be someone who can happily get up extra early and spend ages preening and perfecting my look each day but, if I’m totally honest I’m lazy, prefer my sleep and quite often I’m usually running a bit late!

I love Glossier priming moisturiser as I’ve found it acts as a good base pre-foundation and also means I don’t need an additional skincare step with a separate primer. MAC mineralize blush in petal power is also another time saving favourite, it’s a gorgeous pink with a gold base which combines both blush and highlight in one product. Hurrah for time saving!

MAC Blush in Petal Power

Lixir Universal Emulsion goes one further and is a day cream, serum and night cream all rolled into one. I really like this brand, not only is the packaging super simple but super sexy but the actual product is lush! The formula is really hydrating and really gentle on my sensitive skin.

Lixir Skincare flatlay

I’m also really intrigued by the Nars Multiple stick, apparently it’s basically your whole face in one product – cheeks, lip and even eyes. I’ll report back when I’ve got my mitts on this one.

Are there any multi-purpose products you swear by that you think I should try?



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