I’ve gone a bit shopping crazy recently

I never used to enjoy shopping and was never one for ‘going into town’ with my friends when I was younger just to hangout – that wasn’t my thing. I’ve mentioned before that you’d have more likely found me at the stables covered in mud than dressed to the nines in Topshop trying to look more grown up than I actually was.

As I’ve got older and been earning my own money on the regs shopping has been something I’ve embraced and if I’m honest it’s gone a bit far! I literally can’t help myself, I’m like a magpie ‘ooooh shiny’. I’m sure you might have read how I can never just go into Primark for a look, so I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been buying recently, this doesn’t include any Christmas presents I’ve bought. This is purely for me.


A little while ago I attended the Liberty beauty press morning to see all of the new brands launching into the beauty hall at the end of this year. In the goody bag, which was super fabulous and I felt completely spoilt by was a Spacemask. Now if you haven’t heard about Spacemasks – where have you been? These little eye masks of goodness contain a thin layer of iron filings which react with oxygen. On contact with the skin they heat up and provide 20mins of relaxation. They are so so good and something I will repurchase again and again. They are only £15 for a box of five.

Spacemasks flatlat

My skin has been blemish crazy recently so when the lovely Emily from StyleLobster posted on Instastories about the Super Pure serum, I knew I needed to try it out. I’ve already spoken about jumping on the Glossier bandwagon and being impressed so I have high hopes for this. I also bought the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask, they say it’s basically like a juice cleanse on your face and meant to draw out all the impurities. Fingers crossed these two products combined will help clam my skin.

Admittedly one was a repurchase and the other was literally next to the till and I couldn’t resist. I’m obsessed with MAC’s Haute & Naughty Lash mascara and have been since I was first given it in a set, I’ve tried many different mascara’s with a multitude of different wands but this is the one I reach for on a daily basis so this was a repurchase for me.

The second product I picked up was a lipliner in the colour Soar, in terms of colour it’s very very similar to that of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillowtalk. I didn’t even swatch this, it was next to the till and basically fell into my hands, what’s a girl to do?!

beauty buys flat lay

I’m pretty new to Marc Jacobs Beauty but when I spied an eye-conic palette at a beauty sale recently, I thought ‘why not? There’s been quite a lot of hype recently about Marc Jacobs foray into beauty. The Frivoluxe palette is gorgeous and also contains an ultra violet shade which is bang on trend as the Pantone colour of 2018. I’m yet to use any of the shades yet but they all look gorgeous.

Marc Jacobs Beauty eye palette

Bumble & Bumble invisible hairdresser’s oil is another repurchase, but one I swear by. I’ve got quite fine hair which can often be a little unruly. Since using Bumble & Bumble, not only is my hair super shiny all the time but it’s also much more manageable! Hurrah!

The winter weather plays absolute havoc with my hands and really dries my skin out. In my last birchbox there was a sample size of L’Occitane shea butter which is especially designed for dry skin. I’ve exhausted this sample and just purchased the full size. I’m a bit funny about hand cream, I like using it but I don’t like if it’s too ‘slimy’ and doesn’t sink into the skin properly.


Fashion and Accessories

Why I decided to pop into Topshop in their black Friday week, I don’t know but it did mean I came away with this gorgeous black cross-body bag with gemstone feather detailing at half price! Can you believe it was only £19?! I also picked up another copper eyeshadow, I mean it’s not like I need another or anything. Remember what I said about magpie tendencies……..

Still on the topic of black Friday I took advantage of John Lewis’s 20% off and price match promise to invest in some Levi’s 711 skinny jeans. I love Levi’s and have done for years but it’s been a while since I’ve owned any. For some reason we feel out of love and I moved onto Gap for a while. But now our relationship is back on track, 711’s are so comfortable and looks great on the butt!

Ok so looking back I realise I’ve been on a full on spend up recently but these are the last couple of bits…… I promise.

& Other Stories in Central London is one of my favourite stores, it’s all clean lines and everything looks so gorgeous. I’m really into their jewellery and recently picked up a couple of pairs of silver earrings and a really cute circle ring. All the pieces are quite simple but I think they look really effective, plus they aren’t super spenny either! Winning!

Final two pieces both of which are coats and both were inspired by some of the fabulous influencers I regularly follow.

I’ve seen so many people embracing the teddy coat trend recently and I’ve been looking for the perfect one for ages. I have a winter wedding on 30th Dec and wanted something warming and snuggly to go with the velvet jumpsuit I have. I found this grey one on Boohoo and it was only £36! I don’t usually buy from Boohoo purely because I always feel I’m too old for everything on the site, despite how much I like it.

Teddy bear coat

The very last piece in the essay length post was a spontaneous purchase after watching EJStyle’s latest vlog. It’s a cropped navy checked coat and again was a super bargain and only cost £37.92. As of yet it hasn’t actually arrived so fingers crossed it a. fits and b. suits me!

It does make me feel a little queasy looking at how much I’ve been splashing the cash recently so much so that I’m going to have to put myself on a self-imposed spending ban in January.

I love to know what you’ve been buying recently, make me feel better about my own spending!!


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