My 2018 Travel Plans

At the time of writing this it’s been 2018 for the sum total of four days and I’m already in travel planning mode. I’m one of those people who always says ‘I like to have something booked to look forward to’ and I love adding things into a fresh new diary at the start of the year.

2018 Diary

I’d love to be super spontaneous and just book flights the day before and take off to a far flung destination but I always have to think about Nigel cat and who will feed his tubby belly. Seriously he’s carrying so much winter weight at the moment the catflap is becoming a bit of a squeeze!

Anyway back to my travel plans for 2018. This year we’ve said that we will stay short haul for any trips we take, purely because last year we travelled to Australia and Bali so need to save a few £££ before our next long haul adventure next year.

I know I’ve literally just said I’m not very spontaneous when it comes to travel but, we’ve just booked flights to Palma for £24 and we leave in 5 weeks! We’re travelling out for the weekend to see a friend of ours and because we are going in February it’s so cheap. I can’t get a return train ticket to London for £24! I can’t wait to explore Palma. I’ve been out to Majorca many times before but never actually stayed in the capital so if anyone has any recommendations of what I should see and do let me know!

Inflatable doughnut in swimming pool

Mainland Greece, well Southern Peloponnese to be exact. I love the Greek Islands and have explore quite a few but have never actually been to the mainland. I’m actually going on a Neilson activity holiday with Mr B and six of our friends. Mr B doesn’t do sitting still so a holiday like this works perfectly for us. We’ve been on a couple of Neilson holidays before to Turkey and always had such great experiences.

Greek mezze is one of my favourites, I love that it’s all focused on sharing with friends and family. I think this holiday will be a memory making one.

Then I’m going back to Ibiza in August specifically for the Radio 1 weekend. I love Ibiza, it’s one of my most favourite islands and it’s where I had my hen do. Now, I have to confess this is a trip I booked way back in September last year. There were two reasons for this 1. My friend and I have been wanging on about going for Radio 1 weekend for the 10 years it’s been happening and 2. We got such an amazing deal on a super plush hotel. Whilst on the island I’m determined to get to Formentera, I’ve heard such great things and I can see it being the place head to for a bit of recovery time before coming home. If you’ve been I’d love some restaurant recommendations!

cafe mambo sign



Cafe Mambo Ibiza sunset

So that’s the trips which I’ve already got booked but I’m also planning to do a couple of staycations, I’m desperate to get down to Salcombe in Devon in the summer. The beaches look so beautiful and there’s a gin distillery down there too!


I also want to squeeze in a trip to NYC over my birthday in November, I’m hoping the airmiles I’ve collected might actually cover the flights – we shall see. Finally we want to get in a ski weekend, I’ve been looking at the snow reports and the conditions look insane already.


So much for saving the £££££


Have you got any trips already planned and booked? I’d love to hear about them!



  1. Mary
    05/02/2018 / 6:46 pm

    oh that sounds like you have so many fun travel plans! i’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of trips here and there, just need to save money first!!

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    • delphineblublog
      05/02/2018 / 7:12 pm

      So many fun things planned, i’d love to get some more travels booked in but I’m waiting for the money tree to grow 😂

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