7 tips to making it through Dry January

After a booze fuelled Christmas and New Year and even a Christmas Day where I had to take myself to bed at 6.30pm after too much champagne and excitement, I decided that I just had to do Dry January. Not saying that I’m a right ‘Drinkie Deidre’ but you know it’s good to be ‘Sober Susan’ sometimes.

Portobello Road Gin and Fever Tree Tonic

I would say I’m a social drinker, wine after work, Friday night cocktails or a casual Sunday afternoon pub visit but never really drank much at home. But, this seemed to shift slightly when I went self-employed and started to work from home more, I found myself pouring a fairly large glass of wine and then sometimes moving onto the gin whilst making dinner. So instead of hitting the gym after jumping off the train I was overindulging in the wine which is another reason I’m doing dry January.

I’m now mid-way through dry January and actually I’m not missing it. It is nice waking up on a Saturday morning without a slightly fuzzy head and I know it’s doing wonders for my skin not to mention my waistline! So here are my 7 tips to see you through to the end of dry January.

Get Outside

I know it’s dark, cold and most of the time raining but I’ve been walking a lot more in the evenings to blast out the cobwebs and stop me just sitting around at home.

Try a New Gym Class

My gym started Boogie Bounce which is a cardio workout on mini trampolines and I love it. Usually with gym classes I’m completely out of time with everyone else and just dancing around in the back making it up as I go along but with this one *I think* I’m actually getting it and it’s making a difference! So goodbye boozeline and hello waistline!

Arrange Socials that aren’t Pub Related

As I got older meet ups with friends changed from being the cinema and bowling to bars and pubs purely because we were over the legal drinking age and could get in without having to sneak in a fire exit. But with that our social gatherings changed but I’m determined to change this and not have every meet up in a bar. So I’m heading out to the cinema to see films I keep talking about, going out for dinner but driving so there’s no temptation to drink and discovering cute brunch places instead of cool cocktail bars.

Get into a Good Book

I used to always be found with my nose firmly wedged in a book and I’m not talking about a Kindle, I mean a proper book but since I got my iPad a few years back and discovered I could download and watch stuff on the train I stopped reading. So I’m taking January as an opportunity to fall back in love with stories, more specifically crime dramas. My love of crime dramas comes from my Grandad who I’d never seen without a book in his hands and always a ‘whodunit’.


For Christmas a couple of years ago I was given a full cocktail set, as in I could have probably set up my own bar. I’ve got shakers, strainers, muddlers and all the snazzy glasses to go with it. So I’m going to practice my mocktail making and maybe even come up with some of my own recipes. Watch this space (well that’s if I don’t balls it up!)

Be Des

It doesn’t mean just because I’m doing dry January that I’m going to miss out on going out or even out out but I’ll just nominate myself as Des and do all the driving. I’ll revert back to when I first passed my test and couldn’t wait to drive all my friends around since I’d gained a new found independence and love of the open road.

Show me the Money

With the money I’ve not spent on wine this month I’m going to add it to my savings for a future trip. Maybe it can go towards that New York adventure I mentioned in my 2018 travel plans?! Although it would probably only get me a slice of pizza and maybe a product or two in Sephora, but hey it’s a start!

If you’ve got any dry January tips I’d love to hear them!


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