The importance of your squad

I’m writing this after watching the news about the huge women’s rallies in America protesting about that despicable human who is currently the most powerful leader in the free world. I’m not going to name him but we all know who’s massive overcomb I’m talking about!

Anyway, this got me thinking about my own squad, tribe, gang, mandem, call them what you will but ultimately, I’m talking about the incredible ladies I’ve been friends with longer than I haven’t. See, I’m in a bit of a unique position, in that I’ve been friends with my squad since we were 11. A full 22 years ago, that’s over two decades of my life! Holy moly I’m getting on a bit!



We’ve literally been there for each other through everything. From first boyfriends to first heartbreaks, engagements to weddings to babies and beyond. We might not see each other as much as we’d like but I know I could turn to anyone of them in a time of crisis or for sound (most of the time) advice.

When we each met our respective husbands/boyfriends each one was subjected to the Essex inquisition, it’s like the Spanish one but way harder! The reason for this? Well, as I mentioned we’ve been friends forever and are a super tightknit group, so you must be a pretty special man to get approved and slot in. Luckily, for the boys anyway, they all passed!

What I found most important and vital in my ‘squad’ is our friendship is the purest it can be. When I say this, I mean we build each other up and support one another but also can be put back in our boxes if we’re being a twat.

When we get together we talk about everything, nothing is off limits, we literally talk about everything and I mean EVERYTHING. From fannies to make up and everything in between.  But, what I love the most is we laugh, and I mean rip roaring, side splitting laughing until your face hurts and you’re literally crying.

In a time when women are literally being pitted against each other, being underpaid and undervalued it is vital to me to have such a solid group of ladies around me. Not only for support and advice but for genuine friendship and belly laughs.

So get your girls together and raise each other up.


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