Welcome to the 7 Series

As you might have seen I’ve decided to take part in the #18for2018 challenge and set myself some achievable goals for the year. One of those is to take hold of my frivolous spending and actually curb it rather than thinking I’m Paris Hilton making it rain.

So I’m doing away with the Wednesday Wishlist, I mean how can I curb my spending if I’m constantly looking at pretty things to add to a weekly wishlist?! But in its place is something I’m super excited about – please welcome the 7 Series.

Why 7? Well according to research we all love a list but we’re more likely to read a list which has an odd number rather than even, go figure?

I know you’re dying to know what you can expect from the 7 Series, well my friends it will be a mixture of tips, suggestions, things I’ve learnt in my 33 (ahem) years on earth, beauty loves, fashion finds etc. Basically everything but in 7’s.

It’s likely to become a bi-monthly Sunday post as I’m trying to upload two blog posts a week on the regs so I don’t want to a. run out of steam or b. bore the pants off you!

The first post is already written and will be live on 21st Jan so keep your eyes peeled. But if you have any suggestions for the 7 Series I’d love to hear them! I will need any extra inspiration I can get!

So stick with me, I hope you enjoy the new series.


London skyline view at night


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